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After ‘Botched Tattoo Treatment,’ Woman Shares Pictures Of Her Eyebrows

42B1E40400000578-4730884-image-a-36_1501055459776 Amanda Coates

Those of you who have regrettable tattoos may be comforted by the tattoo debacle suffered by a Melbourne mother. Amanda Coates went into a tattoo parlour to get an eyebrow treatment, and came out with no eyebrows at all and some wicked scars.

Coates arranged to have a “microblading” treatment and was initially satisfied with the results. However, a day after her treatment, the skin over her eyebrows started to hurt and scar. Although Coates went to the doctor frequently, the scarring continued to get worse, as did the pain.

Coats tried to get in touch with the salon to inform them about the infection, but her attempts were ignored. Frustrated with her treatment failure and the salon’s response, Coates put the tattooing fail on Facebook, in a post that later went viral. She blamed her aesthetician for causing the painful infection through insufficient cleanliness.

Microblading is a special form of tattooing that claims to provide semi-permanent, natural-looking eyebrow definition.

In it, each hair is tattooed on separately in a process that takes two hours or more. 

At its best, microblading gives the look of filled-in eyebrows without the hassle.

microblading1Monaco Rejuvination Spa

At its worst? Well, usually the worst thing that can happen is an unnatural-looking brow.

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