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Mom Buys Eyedrops But Not For Her Eyes. Here Are 8 Unconventional Ways She Uses Them

You know the purpose of eyedrops is to help replenish your eyes with moisture when they’re dry which helps to get rid of irritation and redness. If you’re someone who wears contact lenses, eye drops are especially important.

Overwearing contacts can further irritate your eyes so it’s important to carry around some eyedrops with you. However, did you know that eyedrops have many other purposes? We’ve got several eyedrop solution hacks for you.

They can be used to enhance your makeup products and improve your skin’s complexion. Eyedrops can serve many functions and are cost-effective at the same time! Here are some ways you can incorporate eyedrops into your beauty routine:

1) Eyedrops reduce the redness in your eyes, but that’s not all. If you add 1-2 droplets of eye drop solution to a blemish it can reduce redness and inflammation.

2) Wanna hear a makeup secret? – did you know that if you add some eyedrop solution to your eyeshadow it can intensify the pigments in the color of the shadow? It will also help keep your eyeshadow on longer.

eyedrop solution hack

3) Here’s another one of our eyedrop solution hacks. Eyedrop solution also doubles as an eye-makeup remover. If you’ve messed up your wing liner, instead of having to wash it off and potentially make your life harder, pump some eyedrop solution onto a Q-tip and you can wipe off the mess without a problem.

eyedrop solution hacks

4) Dark circles under your eyes are usually caused by broken or dilated blood vessels that sit underneath your eyes which is a very thin part of your skin. Concealing them can be a difficult task. Try adding two drops of eyedrop solution to each undereye and it should make them a little less visible.

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