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8 Facts About Chuck Norris You Always Thought Were True But Actually Aren’t


When you’re a man who has enough legends and facts surrounding his name to fill up two entire novels, it’s understandable that people might start to get confused between what’s fact, and what’s myth or legend.

Chuck Norris is definitely one of those guys. He is thought to be incredibly strong and powerful, and there are countless myths surrounding him such as ‘Chuck Norris knows Victoria’s secret’ and ‘Chuck Norris counted to infinity.’

In the mix of jokes, myths, and facts, it can be pretty easy to get them mixed up. So here are 8 facts about Chuck Norris that are widely thought to be true but actually aren’t.

1. He’s Not a Texas Ranger: Chuck Norris played a Texas Ranger on the hit television series Walker Texas Ranger and Lone Wolf McQuade, but some people might not know that he was actually a ranger in real life!

Although he is not capable of doing most of the physics and nature-defying feats attached to his name, former Texas governor Rick Perry made Walker an honorary member of the Texas Rangers in 2010!

2. He’s married to Christie Brinkley: For several years, Norris has starred alongside model Christie Brinkley in promo videos for the ‘total gym’ exercise machine. Because of their recurring appearances together, many people began to assume that they were married.

However, this is not true at all! Norris has actually been married twice. Right now he’s married too Gina Norris who has appeared in the same videos. I guess the blonde hair was throwing people off. 

3. Chuck Norris is only Tough on TV: Some people seem to think that Chuck Norris is just playing up his coolness or is only that tough on television. But it’s actually the other way around!

Norris is actually a professional karate world champion and he turned this into a movie career. According to him, he was the ‘six-time-undefeated world professional; middleweight karate champion’ in 1968 which is what lead him to his first martial arts film and breakthrough role starring alongside fellow martial artist Bruce Lee.

4. He’s a Natural Born Texan: When most people think of Chuck Norris, they also think of Texas. I guess that’s what happens when you play so many characters who wear cowboy hats and giant belt buckles.

Chuck Norris was actually born Carlos Ray Norris on March 10th 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma. Norris has since moved from there and now lives on a ranch in Houston.

5. He’s Naturally Talented: Some people might assume that such a cool guy must have been born with his awesome skills and talents. According to Norris, he’s a self-made man and got to the point he’s at from a lot of hard work and dedication.

He told the New York Times that as a child he would get bullied for being mixed as his father was a Cherokee. There were times when he had very low self esteem. He used to daydream about being strong enough to beat up his bullies. After high school he went to Korea to study different forms of martial arts and was able to build up his mind and body.

6. He’s all brawn no brain: Sure he got famous for his athletic skills and being an overall tough guy, but that doesn’t mean that Norris doesn’t have a sharp mind. And he’s not afraid to use it!

He actually written articles for the Christian Conservative website WND. There he has shared his sometimes controversial opinions on the state of American life.

7. He Loves Chuck Norris Jokes: Although he’s come to terms with the Chuck Norris memes, even releasing his own official Norris facts book in 2009, he wasn’t always so light about it.

Norris actually filed a lawsuit against a student at Brown University who published ‘The Truth About Chuck Norris’ which included facts such as ‘Chuck Norris’ tears can cure cancer’ Norris eventually dropped the case.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.47.45 PMRachel-Lee Thomas

8. His Fighting Days are Over: Some people may think that because Chuck Norris is in his 70’s, his days of being an awesome fighter are over.  But that is not the case!

Though his competitive career is probably behind him, he is still developing his ‘Chuck Norris System.’ This is an open sourced martial arts style. And although he’s only been in one film since 2005, he may be participating in the upcoming action flick ‘Blood Brothers.’


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