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Twelve Facts You Didn’t Know About Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi


Ellen made history when she came out as gay twenty years ago and some say she paved the way for gay celebrities and characters on television. She’s exceptionally funny, a great role model, and the fact that she’s interested in women shouldn’t have any effect on her career but the step she took was a big one. So big that Barack Obama awarded her the medal of freedom which is America’s highest civilian honor.

As well as being a great role model for LGBTQ folk, her relationship with Portia De Rossi is total goals. They’re both beautiful people and are adorably in love. Despite several tabloids claiming separation and divorce, they are a happy and strong couple.

They really are the perfect example of true love with a great sense of humor, and there are some things about them that you may not have known before.

Here are 12 interesting facts about Hollywood’s hottest power couple; Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi.

1. Ellen and Portia have been married for 8 years now. They wed in 2008 and clips from their wedding and process were shown on the Ellen show.

2. Although you may not have noticed before, seeing as Ellen is so youthful, there’s actually a 15-year age difference between the couple! Ellen will be 60 next year and Portia will turn 45.

3. They had a beautiful home wedding when California legalized same-sex marriage in 2008. From flowers to decoration, the family all chipped in but that didn’t stop paparazzi from trying to get the scoop.

4. No lying in this relationship. Ellen and Portia have an agreement that they would never lie to one another. Not even white lies. Honesty is the best policy.

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5. Their relationship was love at first sight. Portia recalls being struck with the feeling as soon as she saw Ellen in 2004.

6. They had been introduced to each other at a social gathering and although Portia wasn’t out at the time, she admitted that Ellen made her feel weak in the knees.

7. Apparently, they shared their very first kiss in the backseat of a limo. I guess there are more romantic locations but that’s not really the important part!

8. Before the ban on same-sex marriage was lifted, the couple had originally planned to have a commitment ceremony which is a union of two people who are not legally allowed to marry. When the ban lifted they headed for the altar instead.


9. Despite countless breakup rumors in the tabloids and on the internet, Ellen says that they rarely even argue. The couple thinks the breakup rumors are ridiculous.

10. Instead of giving each other gifts specifically for Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries they give gifts to each other all the time. They don’t need a special occasion to give a present to one another.  

11. Ellen shared that she and Portia don’t really need to put in any work to make the relationship function. ‘We just found the right person,’ she said. ‘It’s corny, but she’s my soulmate.’

12. Portia was actually married once before. Some say it was a part of a plan to get a green card, but she was married to filmmaker Mel Metcalfe. After three years she decided to split from him.


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