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20 Failed Panoramic Pictures That Don’t Look Like They’re From This World


When smartphone cameras started coming with a panoramic function, we all rejoiced. It’s an interesting feature because it uses a specialized software to capture long horizontal pictures.

When it’s done right, you get a pretty detailed image of a landscape or a room. But, like with anything related to new technologies, some people are bound to make mistakes.

In the case of panoramic pictures, the failed ones fall into a few categories. But the most interesting ones, and sometimes hardest to look at, are the ones that feature some mind-bending surreal stuff.

Chopped up people and animals, distorted features and landscapes that look like something out of a sci-fi movie (think Inception)—these are some of the panoramic picture fails that don’t even look like they’re from this world.

1. Personally, I’m grateful cats aren’t that long. They’re already a handful as they are.

2. By now, we’ve probably all seen this viral picture of a man taking a selfie with his girlfriend. She sneezed while the panoramic picture was being taken, resulting in this.

3. The user who submitted this to Reddit simply titled it “failed panorama shot.” We beg to differ. It looks very artistic!

4. This poor man’s mother ended up looking like a troll face.

5. This man’s dog turned into a Cerberus. Who would have thought that a Hound of Hades could look so adorable? He’s even wearing a little red bandana.

6. While this man took a panoramic picture of a museum, he caught this. A woman with the world’s first selfie stick arm. Or, alternatively, Inspector Gadget’s long-lost daughter.

7. This person tried to take a picture of their dachshund and this is what came out. My first guess would have been an anteater elephant mix.

8. Imagine jumping into the water so hard that you get disembodied like a lego model. Ok, that sounds graphic so maybe don’t imagine that. But that’s what this picture reminded me of.

9. This photo taken in Florida with an iPhone 7 generated a lot of snarky jokes. One user commented, “So the earth IS flat!” Real or not, it’s a possible scenario. Plenty of people have gone over waterfalls. 

10. This man’s son decided to try his hand at taking a panoramic picture. There so many things to make you uncomfortable in this picture: The man’s disembodied hand looks like it’s actually attached to his neck. Plus, is he related to Fred Armisen? We’ll never know.

11. This is what happens when you try to take a panoramic picture and a dog starts running. He turns into a two-legged nightmare creature. To be honest, I would still pet it and give it…chest rubs.

12. This unsuspecting subject (who’s committing the appalling act of texting and walking, but that’s another story), got turned into a caterpillar who’s missing a bunch of legs. Or maybe he has the right amount of legs. We may never learn the rules of the failed panorama world.

13. Some people, like this person, post panoramic pictures captioned with a quick “whoops! Messed up the panorama!” like it’s supposed to be funny. This picture looks too real to be a fail. I’m pretty sure he needs to be taken to the ER (he’s even holding his head like it hurts).

14. Well, to be fair, it’s the horse’s fault for being so long. Horses are unpredictable and powerful creatures who can knock you down if they feel like it. I’m terrified of them, so personally, I prefer this shorty.

15. Here he is. The missing link in evolution! How can someone screw up a panorama so badly? His body doesn’t even extend sideways, it’s going up. These panoramic fails are making me want to try my hand at it, just to see how easy it is to screw them up.

16. Don’t you dare secretly take a picture of this woman. She’s always watching you! Again, it’s so seamless that I’m questioning just how much of a “fail” it is. 

17. Look at these two happy sheep dogs, running along a shoreline. There’s already a breed of dogs that look like a panorama fail. They’re called corgis.

18. Here’s another chapter of my favorite kind of panoramic fail: when pets don’t care that you’re trying to get a picture of a landscape and get in the way. 

19. What would have been a boring tourist’s picture of the London Bridge turned into an amazing mind-bending picture of an alternate reality. Or a concept sketch for Christopher Nolan’s dream-within-a-dream movie, Inception.

20. This is the only horse I would ever ride. In terms of tricks, I bet it can do a lot more than the four-legged beast that can only hop over little barricades. I’m just saying, horses are better with two legs.


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