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Family Bought Massive Mansion As IKEA-Style Flat Pack


The Cooper family, a family of four from Bridport, Dorset, England bought a 52-acre plot of land. They then used that land to build an IKEA-style flat pack which took four days to build.

The flat-pack house that they built got shipped over to them from Germany. Flat pack houses typically cost people about 10-25% less than building normal homes. For the Coopers, this flat pack idea ended up costing them £1.2 million, which is converted to roughly $1.5 million.

The house took four days to put together. The Cooper family worked from the bottom up to build it. They first put together the first floor on day one, followed by the second floor on day two, followed by the roof on day three.

The father of the family, Richard, stated that “the great thing about building your own home is that you sit down with a piece of paper and you put down what you want, obviously within budget, that’s why it’s so brilliant.”


This mansion that they built was featured on Chanel 4’s show Flat Pack Mansions, which airs in the UK.


The program looks at three unique prefabricated homes. It’s narrated by Charlie Luxton, an architectural designer and television presenter from Sydney, Australia.


On the program, the family also stated that they planned on building their own prefabricated home after they got tired of their previous home.


The Cooper family moved to Bridport, Dorset from London. They had a vacation home in the area, but then they decided to settle there for a full-time home.

The entire family consists of the father, Richard, the mother Nikki, and their two young children, Teddie, 12, and Stanley, 10.


Richard and Nikki both used to work in the music industry, but now they own a chain of pizza and cider restaurants, with their first restaurant located in Bridport.


Nikki explained to the program why her family decided to move to a larger home and build their house on their own.


“We’d been looking to buy a bigger house because we’ve slightly outgrown [our old one]. We’d been looking all around.” Nikki said on the reasoning behind why they decided they wanted a bigger home.


“I didn’t really feel that a sort of old fashioned Victorian or Georgian house is our thing,” she went on to say.


In regards to building the house themselves, Nikki stated: “we like open-plan modern living, so we then embarked on a plot of land to build on.”


They sure built their dream home in a matter of just four days, and £1.2 million later. The end result is everything the family hoped for and so much more. 



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