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Family Flees Home After Finding Spiders That Can Cause A 4-Hour Long Erection Followed By Death

Ashley Gamble and his partner Sophia Newcombe came home to an unexpected surprise in their shopping bag that turned their home into a living nightmare and made them flee within minutes. The couple later said of the incident: “It was like something out of a horror movie.”

After taking the bananas they had just purchased from their local grocery store out of the shopping bag they discovered a tiny, white cocoon attached to the side of yellow fruit. Sophia dropped them immediately, not knowing whether she was seeing what she thought she was seeing.

It was. In that moment she knew her family was staring death in the eye, as dozens of the world’s most deadliest spiders came crawling out of the white cocoon–each one containing an excruciatingly venomous poison.

The deadly venom affects the male gender in a particular torturous way. If a man is bit by one of these little spiders he could be subject to a terrible four-hour erection followed shortly by death. 

What terrifying spider can do this? Well, they are known primarily as the Brazilian wandering spider, but also named as armed spiders and banana spiders. They are part of the Phoneutria fera species and are mainly found in South America.

Its potent venom has side effects and creates symptoms of major abdominal pain, can give you hypothermia and even blur your vision. Don’t let its small size fool you, these little arachnids pack a deadly punch.

While historically Brazil was the only country that had to worry about these spiders, in recent years they have made their way into North America and even Europe.

After noticing the little spiders crawling out of their bananas, Gamble and his partner Sophia along with their two daughters fled the infected house and refused to return until their entire home had been fumigated.

They called the fumigation service but also the grocery store where they purchased the bananas from. The Gamble family is expecting the grocery company, ASDA, to pay for the fumigation costs because the bananas were purchased from their store.

ASDA did provide the family with an apology and stated that they are conducting an investigation and keeping the Gamble family updated as the investigation unravels.

No word as of yet about the costs of the fumigation and who will be responsible in paying the bill. 

Just imagining the terror of watching death-filled critters sprawl in different directions in front of your eyes is petrifying enough, but imagine trying to sleep in your home knowing that one of these little spiders could be crawling. 

The family remains at the grandmother’s house until further notice, with nothing but their essentials that they were able to pack quickly before fleeing. Seriously, who can blame them! 

Upon their return, the Leicester home will never be the same again, with the constant worry that maybe one of the spiders escaped fumigation. 

The ASDA spokesman announced to the public that these types of incidents are extremely rare and they have been very communicative with teh Gamble family during this whole ordeal.

The ASDA released this statement on the matter: “All of our bananas are washed and sprayed before they are transported to the UK and every piece of fruit is manually checked for quality and stowaways”.

Adding to their statement, the grocery store claimed that they sell over one billion bananas yearly, and this is the one in a billion incident.

There’s always that one in a billion though, right? And while it is comforting to know that these situations are rare, I will definitely be inspecting all my bananas thoroughly from now on. 

The ASDA ended their statement with an apology and claimed they were deeply concerned about the worry and panic this may have caused for the Gamble family.


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