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16 Family Photos Where Something Weird Is Happening

Remember when your parents would try to get you and all of your siblings to take a potentially nice picture? How often did those pictures end up being weird family photos? Probably more than most people might think. There are always weird things happening that can make a family photo strange.

An awkward family portrait can be a real thing of beauty, though. It can be a truly unique representation of your family and their specific dynamics. However, maybe don’t hang it prominently in your front hall. Unless you think everyone else will be just as entertained by it. Maybe they will!

These 16 weird family photos are the definition of weird things happening. It’s really amazing how someone that’s just taking a picture of their family can capture such a perfect moment in time. It doesn’t even require a professional photographer.

1. This family’s so-called “mawmaw” thought it would be a good idea for everyone to try some sort of special punch right before taking the family photo.

2. Even the best parents can end up taking family photos like this one. There were probably a lot of tears, but the picture makes for a pretty hilarious memory.

3. As a parent, you should always make sure that your children have thoroughly blown their noses before having their picture taken.

4. If your kids won’t stop crying long enough to take a nice picture, then you just have to lean into it.

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