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11 Touching Overheard Stories About Real Family Values

Families are the first little communities and societies that we engage in. Now although we don’t get to choose the family members we get, most times our family members are the closest relationships that we have. They have no problems pointing out our flaws and faults and will almost always lambaste you if you screw up. But behind your back, they ensure that you are protected and taken care of.

The ones that are there for you will ridicule you to your face but will defend you wholeheartedly behind your back.

Here are 11 heartwarming stories overheard by Brightside about real family values.

1. In this particular family, they have a doorbell code that signifies emergencies. Whether it be being chased by a rabid dog or really having to go to the bathroom, one family created a rule where the bell needs to be continuously rung in order to signify an emergency.


2. A family created a shopping tradition where every month they would go out to a mall and splurge. But when one of the shoppers found their whole family sitting at a restaurant and eating (while waiting for them to finish shopping,) they promptly ended that tradition.

3. A father would always go to his daughter’s parent-teacher school conference. But one year he returned home disappointed because nothing was said about his daughter. Many questions later, the family found out that the father had attended the wrong classroom.


4. A mother in a family with four sons was always given the responsibility of making pancakes every week. Because of the number of people in the family, they would constantly bombard her with questions in regards to the current status of the pancakes. She says those questions would drive her crazy but ‘the rest of the time we are a big friendly family.’


5. My husband has a tradition where he makes a dandelion jam recipe. Every year it comes out super thin, so just like water. He is under the impression that his secret recipe just ‘hardens’ overnight but little does he know that his wife adds some jello and boils it overnight when he’s not looking.


6. A happy couple once started a bet on who could end their bad habits. The husband was a smoker while the wife was a chronic candy addict. The husband stopped smoking for two years and the wife still continues to munch on sweets to this day.


7. A husband and his wife went mushroom picking once when two dogs appeared from the bushes and were ready to lunge. The husband quickly jolted in front of his wife and was ready to defend his love. Moments later, the dog owner appeared and called the dogs back. The wife was sufficiently surprised to see her husband risk his life for her without even batting an eyelash. 


8. A wife and her husband would always get money from their parents during big holidays. Although their in-laws were never rich, the happy couple would always receive cash. They decided to save this money up and over the course of ten years, they were able to save up enough to pay off their in-law’s summer house and also buy them a new car.


9. A woman spoke about the difficulties of getting married to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is German while she speaks English but her mother is Russian and her stepfather is Norwegian. She said she needed an interpreter to get a message across, or to receive a message. She swears that by the time it gets to the last person the whole conversation will be thoroughly distorted.


10. A woman spoke of a story where her sister wanted to have breasts like her mother and her older sister so she stuffed her father’s construction silicone into her sister’s bra and when she walked out of her bedroom almost everyone rolled over in laughter.

family-stories-values-loveAwkward Family Photos

11. A father who was on an overseas business trip for more than two months would regularly talk to his son and wife over Skype.

family-stories-values-loveAwkward Family Photos

When his son stopped talking to him and responding to his questions he realized something was wrong. His wife later informed him that their son was upset that his father had left him and his mother behind and that he no longer cooks. All the son wanted was for his dad to return home and to cook him his meals once again. That’s when the father packed his stuff up and returned home.

family-stories-values-loveAwkward Family Photos


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