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Photo Of Fatal Car Crash Shows ‘Pathway To Heaven’, Offering Comfort To Victims’ Relatives

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Losing someone who is important to you is never easy. It takes a lot of time to let yourself heal and move on with your life. Having the people that are most important to you close by is crucial for the healing process.

Sometimes when we go through difficult situations we always look for signs to give us that touch of hope that things are going to be okay. Whether those signs are just in your imagination or not doesn’t matter. They help us big time.

On April 25th, two women and a baby were killed in a car crash. Hannah Simmon, 23, her nine-month-old daughter A’lannah, and a family friend, Lauren Buteau. It happened in Gainesville, Georgia when Simmons lost control of her car and hit a truck.

According to, the crash caused a serious traffic jam and driver Anisa Gannon found herself stuck while on her way to work.

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As proof to her boss that she was late for a good reason, she decided to snap a picture of the scene.

Anisa had no clue that her photo was about to help out big time. Her aunt, Tara, noticed something really remarkable about the photo she took

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The image shows a beam of light shining from the sky and, right above the accident. As if it was a pathway to heaven.


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