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Father Accused of Beating 15-Day-Old Daughter To Death And Hiding Body In Cloth In Woods

Christopher Michael McNabb of Covington, Georgia has been charged with the murder of his 15-day-old newborn Caliyah McNabb, who was found beaten to death in the woods.

Newton County Sheriff's OfficeNewton County Sheriff's Office

McNabb was charged with malice, felony murder, aggravated battery and concealing a death, according to PEOPLE. Newton Coroner Tommy Davis said the autopsy determined the infant died from blunt force trauma to the head. The infant’s mother, Cortney Bell, stated in a 911 call that after feeding her daughter she fell asleep on the couch. Hours later Bell was woken up by her 2-year-old daughter telling her the baby was gone.

A search for the newborn ensued over the course of two days before her body was found in the woods nearby. According to investigators it was at this point 27-year-old Christopher McNabb, who was on the way with Bell to the Sheriff’s Office, jumped out of the vehicle and ran.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first 911 call to come from the family’s mobile home, Lot 31. According to The Covington News, transcripts reveal police received two 911 calls prior to the October 7 incident.

A resident of the mobile home park made a call in August claiming the tenants of Lot 31 were “busting windows out of the home.” On October 3rd, two 911 calls were made from Cortney Bell and her father, Tim Bell.


According to the transcript, Bell accused her parents of taking the newborn without her permission. In his 911 call, Bell’s father claimed Cortney Bell left her infant and 2-year-old daughter at her cousin’s house for two days before her cousin, who wasn’t able to reach their mother, asked Bell’s parents to pick them up.


Newton County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jeff Alexander alleges in the arrest warrants that McNabb struck the infant with an “unknown object,” after attempting to hide the body using a t-shirt, blanket, and draw-string bag. Captain Keith Crum of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office told PEOPLE the father was denied bond and refused a public defender.

“It’s heartrending that that small of a child — a baby only 15 days old — had been so injured that it died,” says Crum. “It’s hard to rationalize an irrational act.”


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