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Father Charged With Murdering 13-Year-Old Son, Latest Details


It has been almost five years since the abrupt disappearance of the 13-year-old boy, Dylan Redwine. Now, officials are charging his father, Mark Redwine, with the murder of his son. Mark was arrested in Bellingham, Washington and is now facing extradition charges to deal with the second-degree murder and child abuse of his son in Colorado.

It was during a Thanksgiving holiday in 2012 when the boy went missing.

Dylan, who was only 13 years old at the time, was visiting his father in Bayfield in La Plata County in 2012 when he has never seen again.

According to witnesses and different reports, Dylan had some reservations about going to his father’s place. When Dylan was picked up from the airport by his father, the pair subsequently traveled to a store.


Based on the video footage obtained from the store, it showed the pair with ‘little to no personal interaction.’

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The grand jury indictment stated that ‘Dylan Redwine was never seen or heard from again after that evening.’ Things allegedly got heated when Dylan wanted to visit a friend the same night as his arrival.

His father said no to that request so Dylan rescheduled with his friend to meet him early in the morning. When Dylan failed to show up, the friend texted him: ‘where are you’ to which he got no response.

Mark Redwine claims that when he left to run errands around 7:30 am the next morning his son was still home but when he allegedly returned four hours later, Dylan was missing.

Betsy Horvath, who is a previous wife of Mark’s, raised her concerns when she heard about the missing child. She said that she was concerned with the boy’s safety.

Betsy herself stated that during her own divorce and custody proceedings with Mark, he had told her that he would ‘kill the kids before he let her have them.’

According to the grand jury indictment, Betsy also told officials that Mark told her where he would dispose of a body if he ever had to.

The report stated that Mark told Betsy that he would leave the body ‘out in the mountains.’

Elaine Redwine, Dylan’s biological mother and Mark’s ex-wife, said in an interview with ABC News: ‘if Dylan maybe did or said something that wasn’t what Mark wanted to hear, I’m just afraid of how Mark would have reacted.’

Almost unsurprisingly, Dylan’s remains were located near the woods about eight miles from his father’s house.

Dylan’s blood was also found in numerous spots in the father’s living room including the couch, the floor in front of the couch, the corner of a coffee table, on a love seat and also the floor under a rug.

A canine search in June of 2013 determined that a human cadaver was present in Mark’s home as well as on the bed of his truck.

Then in November of 2015, several hikers located Dylan’s skull about one and a half miles up from where his other remains were found.

Forensic experts determined that the skull showed injuries ‘consistent with blunt force trauma [and] had two small markings consistent with the use of a knife.’

Mark Redwine brutally murdered his son during a court ordered visit and is now facing second-degree murder charges and also child abuse. He has since been held in Washington on a 1 million dollar cash-only bond.


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