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Father Says Because He Was ‘Highly Stressed’ After Hurricane, He Fatally Punched 5-Month-Old Daughter


Dekari Castell is a 22-year-old father who is now charged with aggravated child abuse and first-degree murder. He killed his daughter after allegedly being ‘too stressed’ from the power outage that was caused by Hurricane Irma. 

The 22-year-old killed his daughter while staying with his mother at an Orlando residence.

Just last year, Dekari was investigated by the Department of Children and Families after his 4-week old son had to be hospitalized for a broken femur bone.

No criminal charges were laid against him at the time. 


Dekari claimed that the child ‘squirmed out of his grasp and fell’ but doctors determined that the broken femur was most likely due to child abuse. But due to lack of probable cause, no charges were laid.


However, more recently Click Orlando reported that Dekari killed his 5-month-old daughter, Kali Dream Castell. It was during their time at his mother’s Orlando residence when Kali was found dead in an abandoned house.


They were staying in Orlando with Dekari’s mother after losing power due to the hurricane when Kali was killed. Kali’s mother found the baby in the abandoned house and called 911 after performing CPR.


Kali was rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital where she was first placed on life support and then later pronounced dead.


Dekari once again claimed that the child ‘squirmed’ out of his grasp and ‘fell.’ But because the story sounded so familiar to other child abuse cases, the investigation continued.


It was later revealed during Kali’s brain scan that the girl’s skull was sunk in due to a blow to the head and not a drop.


Eventually, Dekari admitted to the killing by saying that he punched her in the dead because he was ‘highly stressed’ that his family was without power and she wouldn’t stop crying.



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