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A Father Was Killed After Responding To An Ad About A Man Giving Away A Free Puppy


Buying things off the internet is just the way things are done today. There’s no doubt that it makes life way easier. You don’t have to physically go out and shop and you even have the chance to save some money.

But of course, you have to be extra careful when you’re buying something from someone you just met online. People take various precautions when they meet up with someone they found off of Craigslist. Facebook, believe it or not, can be just as dangerous.

You may think that seeing the person’s profile on Facebook makes it much safer for you to meet up and make a cheap purchase. The story you’re about to read proves otherwise. Recently, a father was killed in front of his kids after responding to a Facebook ad.

The Florida father was shot in front of his own kids after inviting in a stranger who was offering the family a free puppy.

According to Inside Edition, Scott Bowman responded to a Facebook ad about a man giving away a puppy who offered to drop it off at their home.

Bowman’s partner, Chelsea Bowman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the couple wanted to pick up the dog.

But the man was pretty insistent on dropping the puppy off. When he arrived, the couple invited him in for a drink as a thank you.

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