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Father Walks Out To New ‘Car’ For Daughter’s 16th Birthday, Pulls Back Tarp To Reveal What’s Underneath

Sixteenth birthday are usually a milestone event in a teens life. Some parents who have the means often gift their children cars to celebrate the day that they are now legal entitled to drive.

So when one girl turned 16 and her father led her out into their garage, many people thought that the gift under the cover of the tarp had to be a car. The cover itself was in the shape of a car so it only makes sense that it was a car underneath.

The girl, as well as all who saw the video, were in for a surprise when the dad removed the tarp and revealed what was hidden under. In what can only be described as the dad joke of the century, the dad had constructed the tarp so that it takes the shape of a tarp.

Underneath it, he had placed a small three-wheeled motorized vehicle that looks like it might be a lawn-mower. As soon as the father took the blindfold off his daughter, she started to giggle.

She either guessed that her father was playing a prank on her, or she may have noticed that the tarp was too short to have a car hidden underneath it. In any case, her dad played up the idea that it was a car before revealing the possible lawn-mower.

He says to his daughter, “Darling, this is for you […] cause you’ve been such a good girl…We though you’d need your own car.” His daughter, still laughing through his little speech, guessed that the object underneath was a boat.

Her father laughed at her guess, still insisting that it was in fact a car. When he finally removed the tarp and revealed what was underneath, his daughter started laughing even harder. You can actually see the wooden sticks that the father used to give the tarp the shape of a car. The effort he put into making his daughter laugh is just priceless!

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