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Upset Father Teaches Sleeping Babysitter A Lesson She Will Probably Never Forget

Babysitting may seem like an easy gig to make some quick cash for most teenagers, but for the parents, there’s a lot more at stake. When leaving their children under someone else’s supervision, parents want to guarantee that their safety is a priority.

One dad found that the babysitter he hired to look after his kids was anything but attentive when he returned home early from work and discovered she was fast asleep.

To teach his babysitter a lesson, this enraged dad went to new extremes and now the Internet is torn on whether or not this concerned parent went too far to make his point.

Christopher Soares was depending on his babysitter Sarah to ensure his kids’ safety, which is why he was furious to discover that she was sound asleep on the sofa when he had to return home to grab some paperwork.

Considering Sarah didn’t budge as Christopher re-entered the house, he decided to play a cruel prank. He took a photo of her sleeping as evidence and then took his children to make her think they’d been kidnapped due to her negligence.

When Sarah finally woke up, a disheartening two hours after Christopher had taken the kids, she started to panic and repeatedly attempted to contact both parents. However, Christopher decided to keep her on her toes with his text messages.

Pretending that he wasn’t able to talk on the phone, Christopher played the part of a concerned parent as he prompted Sarah to confess the worst thing that any parent could hear, that she lost their children.

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