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Father-Of-Three Realizes He Can’t Keep Up With His Children, Transforms His Body Beyond Recognition In 6 Months

Jeremiah Peterson is a 39-year-old father of three from Montana and he lost more than half of his body weight after realizing that he couldn’t keep up with his kids during a hike. On August 4, Jeremiah weighed in at 280 pounds but after 150 days he was able to shed 82 pounds.

It was in August when the Peterson family went out on a hike to a mountain lake.

It was there that Jeremiah realized he needed to change his life. It was on Instagram where he wrote: ‘instead of remembering all the good memories we had made on this trip all I can remember is this one thing that kept playing in my head over and over again, I found myself running out of breath and having to take breaks way before my 9, 7, and 6-year-old kids.’

On Instagram, he wrote: ‘I felt sadness and shame in that moment thinking how I had let myself get to this, but so much deeper than that. If I continued to live like this, I would not live.’


When he got home from the family excursion he decided to research weight loss options and committed himself to a training regimen.


He began going to the gym six times a week, training a different body part every day, and started doing two one-hour hikes every day.


But when he found a video advertisement featuring a transformation challenge he knew that it was the right thing to do. He wrote: ‘[it] sealed the deal for me. I signed up knowing I was going to give this challenge every single thing I had.’


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