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Father Brings Daughter’s Dying Puppy To Vet, Turned Away


Growing up, I have always longed for a pet. Despite mine and my sister’s consistent begging, that wish never came to fruition. It was either because of a lack of discipline (whether it was us or the pet is still to be determined) or a lack of financial stability.

However, a father from Liverpool had to watch his daughter’s dog die because the vets turned him away.

Podge Sweeney took his daughter’s dying puppy to the vet one day but they denied the puppy treatment because he didn’t have enough money at the time.

Podge posted a picture of the dead puppy in his arms outside of the pet hospital on his Facebook page.


It came with a scathing report on how he and his puppy were treated. The father of one took the dying puppy to the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) in the Page Moss district.


According to his Facebook post, he said that the vets there told him he needed at least 80 pounds ($104) to just look at the pup or 119 pounds ($154) to treat the dog.

The BalanceThe Balance

Podge said that he only had 35 pounds on him at the time and didn’t bring his bank card with him because he was in a rush to get the puppy to a hospital.

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