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Father Warns Parents About Children’s Toys After Making Alarming Discovery Under Toy Truck


For most parents, summer is a time where kids sleep till noon and complain about endless bouts of ‘boredom.’ So, many parents plan to solve this problem by either sending their kids off to summer camp or just allowing them to frolic in the backyard.

But a father from Arkansas has warned against the potential dangers of letting your children play outdoors unsupervised.

Little Judson McClane was bitten by a snake while he was playing outdoors with his dad and sister.

Josh McClane is from Camden, Arkansas. He has a stark warning for parents: make sure to check children’s toys that are left outdoors before letting your kids play with them! This quick check can potentially save your child’s life.

Josh was outdoors with his son, Judson and his daughter Jasmine when he suddenly heard a bloodcurdling scream from his son.

Initially, he thought ‘it was an ant or maybe a wasp’ but in reality, the three-year-old boy was bitten by a venomous snake known as a cottonmouth snake or a water moccasin.


The snake was hiding underneath the little boy’s toy truck and when Judson went to pick it up, the snake pounced and bit the boy on the leg.

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