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16 Favorite Questions From Passengers Answered By A Pilot

Flying can be a nerve-wracking and unsettling thing to endure. Whether it’s your first ever flight, or you’re a frequent flyer, it’s something that you don’t get entirely used to. With our lives now in the hands of others, it’s only natural to develop some worrying thoughts and a level of curiosity.  

The concept of flight is intriguing to most, with the idea that a giant metal machine carrying hundreds of people is able to fly high in the sky. There is a multitude of things that we as passengers have been curious about when it comes to flying, and what goes on within the aircraft.

Today, we get some revealing information from pilots themselves, who answer some of their favorite questions asked by passengers. Flying requires bravery, and finding out the answers to things we may have all been curious about will certainly give us the peace within us that we are all looking for.

1. Why do pilots fly on the same flight as passengers?
Sometimes, pilots need to get from one airport to another, thus you will find them traveling with you. They do remain in uniform, and with that, they are restricted from sleeping, eating, or watching movies in front of passengers. If they are seen doing any of this, it can lead to confusion amongst the passengers who may be wondering who is now operating the airplane, and it can lead to a time of panic. Although they may board the same flight as you, they typically are seated aside from passengers, in extra seats in the cabin, or at first class.

2. Do pilots ever sleep in the cockpit?
Statistics show that about 56% of pilots have fallen asleep during a flight at one time or another. Modern planes have the luxury of automatic mode, which operates for most of the flight, although traffic controllers still need to be in constant contact with the pilots. For longer trips, there can be up to 3 pilots or 2 crews that substitute and relieve each other for a resting period. This takes place in a special room, and while one pilot is sleeping, the other is required to always be attentive and in control, whilst communicating with traffic controllers.

3. How can someone access the cockpit if the door is blocked?
Curious passengers who tend to roam around on flights will often be intrigued by the idea of visiting the cockpit. This has been known to be accessible on flights to passengers who request to do so. However, you can only gain access with a special code that flight attendants carry, and you will be escorted there with them. The code is very important for flight attendants to have, in the case of an emergency where both pilots lose consciousness. Upon entering the code, it takes up to a minute for the door to open, and a pilot has the ability to deny entry at this time. Looking on the CCTV, if a pilot notices it isn’t a flight attendant, or it’s an unattended passenger or intruder, the pilot is able to block the door completely, restricting access to the area.

4. What do pilots eat during the flight?
Some of us may be wondering what type of food the pilot gets access to during a flight. Pilots actually have a separate menu from passengers, featuring a number of dishes they can pick from. Based on what the captain picks, the co-pilot must choose something else, to avoid any potential food poisoning or reactions from the both of them. They take turns eating, and will generally eat in the cockpit on special desks. Some airlines provide the pilots with the same food as the passengers, so it varies depending on who you’re flying with.

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