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A Few Reasons Why Being A Server Is Not As Easy As People May Think

Working in the food and beverage industry is no easy task. Servers have to deal with all sorts of things. Whether it be crying babies, screaming patrons, or a five cent tip after dealing with a massive table, servers have to put up with a lot more than we think.

The list can go on when it comes to things servers have to deal with, both the good and the bad. If you’re a server, you’ll be able to relate to this list very well. Heck, you might even want to bookmark it to show your friends the next time they give you grief for complaining about your job.

Here are 16 reasons why being a server is not as easy as people may think.

1. The fact that someone would leave this comment on a receipt is actually kind of mind-blowing. Looks like someone’s parents forgot to teach them how to be polite, decent human beings.

2. When it’s a busy night, a server gets more of a workout than most of us do in a week.

3. The word “holiday” or “long weekend” is simply not in the vocabulary of any server you will ever meet.

4. And you might as well forget about wearing anything nice or expensive to work.

5. Servers have a love/hate relationship with work. They want to work to earn money and tips, but at the same time completely dread going in for a scheduled shift.

6. When a server gets a bad table, they have to keep their mouth shut and stick it out. So when the table finally starts getting ready to leave, it’s like Christmas day all over again.

7. Trying to decipher the scribblings on your pad after taking down ten different orders is like trying to decipher the ancient text.

8. Because it’s totally the server’s fault that a customer doesn’t particularly like what they ordered, right?

9. You seriously have to give props to servers who can keep their cool even in the worst situations. You might not think about it too often, but sometimes servers have to deal with consecutive hours of rude and angry customers. It’s hard not to go crazy on a day like that.

10. Do the world a favor and don’t be this person.

11. If someone asks for an order with 13 different special requests and you just so happen to get one of the requests wrong, you know you’re gonna have a bad time.

12. Servers go through a wide range of emotions during their shifts, and these are just a few of them.

13. You’ve got to have some pretty good balance and coordination to be able to walk through a crowded restaurant with this. And if you take one slight misstep, it’s all over.

14. Sometimes a server works his or her butt off to give a table great service and all they have to show for it is a person’s failed attempt at being funny.

15. Sometimes it can feel like it’s absolutely impossible to crack a smile, but you suck it up anyway because a tip is a tip.

16. And finally, as happy as some servers may look on the outside, most of the time they’re dealing with frustrations you don’t even know about. So be kind to your servers, tip them well, and remember that their job is nowhere near as easy as you may think.


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