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24 People Share A Baffling Occurrence They Finally Understood Years Later

Ever had something happen to you that you just don’t understand?

Well, you’re not alone.

A recent Reddit thread asked people about a baffling event that they finally realized the meaning of years later. Here are 24 of the best!

1. “Years ago, I was surfing the internet late at night with my fiance’s bro sitting at the desk next to me. We were watching stupid videos on youtube, when, out of the corner of my eye, I see a can of soda move across the desk. He asks me, “Did that Coke can just move?” I told him that I wasn’t going to say anything, but YES it did just move. We were both pretty freaked out.
Fast forward two years later. Middle of broad daylight, I had a Big Gulp sitting on the desk that had been there for a little while when I see a drip of condensation slide down to the bottom… then, the cup moves an inch or two. Basically, if I put a drink on a specific part of that desk there is a bit of an incline and if condensation gets under it, it’ll move.
For two years that moving can story was my go-to “ghostly encounter” story.” (prophane33)


2. “I was going on a date with this guy, and we were supposed to meet at a restaurant. On my way there, I decided it would be sweet to bring him a flower.
I pulled into a gas station and went inside (mind you, this was kind of a rough part of the city and I was young and naïve). After looking around for a minute, I said to the attendant, “Do you have flowers?”
“A rose?” He asked.
“Yeah, a rose, perfect!”
He gave me a really uneasy look, and said, “Do… Do you have your ID?”
“My ID? For what? To buy a rose?”
He just nodded while still looking at me like I was a lunatic. I mumbled something about changing my mind and left, thinking he was a pervert or something. I went on my date and didn’t think about it again.
Years later while working as a counselor at a rehab, I discovered that a “rose” is slang for a crack pipe. I tried to buy a f—ing crack pipe.” (Roger_Klotz_Day)

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3. “When I was 7 years old, my older brother and I were playing in our back garden, when all of a sudden I got hit on the head with a fairly large stone. No blood or concussion, just a lump. Being a kid, I obviously cried out a lot in pain and my parents came running out of the house asking what had happened. My brother who was 9 years old at the time claimed, with a lot of confidence, that a bird had flown out from one of our trees and dropped it on my head.
This story was told amongst family and close friends for years! Nobody could believe the odds of a bird dropping a stone and it hitting me on the head. Fast forward to my 16th birthday meal, there was my parents, my brother, an aunt, an uncle, and myself sat around a table. Someone brought up the bird story and my brother decided to finally admit that he was trying to hit the stone across the garden with a tennis racket and just happened to catch my head in the crossfire.
Goes to show that if you say anything with enough confidence, people are bound to believe you.” (MattJRice)

4. “I had a goldfish that lived for years, and at one point (I must have been 4 or 5), started to turn blue. I just accepted what my parents told me, that that’s something that happens in a goldfish’s life, and never really questioned it.
Fast forward to my freshman year of high school. My biology teacher was talking about the lifecycle of a goldfish, and I raised my hand and asked when it turned blue. The teacher was like “What are you talking about?!” and I said, “You know what, I have no idea.”
I went home and asked my mom. Apparently, the fish that supposedly lived for years died about once a week and my parents just kept replacing it. At one point, beta fish were less expensive than goldfish, so they started getting the beta fish that were the most gold, and then eventually just said “screw it” and got blue ones. For years I thought that was just a part of the life of a goldfish.” (RecursionIsRecursion)

5. “When I was pretty young, I had a semi-irrational fear of thunderstorms/tornados and once a week I would hear this low grumbling noise while I was in bed drifting off to sleep. This noise would scare the hell out of me as it sounded like a storm coming in right outside my window. Fast forward a year or so, I finally realized that it was my father rolling the dumpster out to the curb for trash day.” (Espy2600)

6. “When I was much younger, my father would tell me stories before I went to bed. They were always stories about two guys named Andy and Pen who went on these awesome adventures together. I loved these stories and used to beg him to tell me them. He never read from a book and all the stories were original which amazed me. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I put two and two together; My dad’s name is Randy and mine Ben. Makes the stories all that more special.” (TheGreatL)

7. “When I was in the 4th grade and ran into my room to change into baseball pants and grab my bat bag, my older brother and his girl were banging in my bed. They just told me they got tired and his sheets were washing. I thought nothing of it. Changed, grabbed my bag and on my way to practice. I was none the wiser.” (MuttonChops24)

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8. “A little more than a year ago, I found a whole roll of garbage bags neatly tied with a rubber band in my yard. I could not figure out why they were there.
The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I thought it was some sort of slight about me not being able to afford garbage bags or maybe that my yard wasn’t tidy enough.
I immediately assumed it was my neighbor’s next to me (who I already disliked). They would throw loud parties late into the night and their drunk friends would throw beer bottles into our yard. I silently seethed for an entire year just passively hating them without every confronting them.
Anyhow those guys moved and a nice group of girls moved in this year. I found the same roll of garbage bags again this year. This time I opened it up. There was a note from the city instructing us how to properly dispose of our leaves.” (foghornbutthorn)

9. “My parents told me that chocolate milk came from brown cows my whole life. Flash forward to 11th or 12th grade, when we’re talking about how cool evolution/animals are, and I bring up the chocolate milk cows. None of my classmates could believe it.” (cicero8)

10. “When I was a little kid, my Grandpa was like a wizard to me. He’d do all kinds of things that I would find to be incredible. One of my favorites would be when he’d turn the rain on and off.
If we were driving while it was raining out and he knew we were about to go through a tunnel or overpass he’d prep me and then right as we go under he’d snap his fingers and of course the rain would stop. Then as we exit the tunnel or come out the other end of the overpass, of course, he’d snap again as the rain hits the windshield again.
I was blown away by this. Idiot me couldn’t put two and two together on that one. God bless you, Grandpa.” (its_the_peanutiest)

11. “Like many kids, I had an imaginary friend when I was younger. Until I was in the fifth grade, my imaginary friend was a dog; at that time my parents picked up a puppy that eventually grew to look exactly like the dog I had drawn, and was everything I had imagined he would be, except he couldn’t talk.
So I made a new imaginary friend, a human that always rode around on a bicycle, because I liked bicycles, and I drew him too. Fast forward 3 years and me and my imaginary friend have “grown distant”, but I still carried the picture I drew of him around.
We were walking to the store, and I recognized this guy riding up to us on a bike. He gave us this weird look as he rode up, like he recognized me too, stopped his bike, said “Hello friend”, and then, seeming quite satisfied with himself, rode off, never to be seen again.
I was just stunned. When my mom asked what was wrong, I asked if she saw him too. When she said “Yes” I pulled out the picture I had drawn of my imaginary friend, that I always carried with me out of habit, and said “that’s my imaginary friend” as I showed it to her. Clothes and everything, the man that had just said hello was a spot on match.
Reminiscing years later, my parents explained that on both occasions they had seen my pictures, and figuring that since it worked out so well for the dog, they’d conspire with someone they knew to set up my last meeting with my imaginary friend.” (Rhumald)

12. “One day, a shower curtain showed up at my door from Amazon. I didn’t order it, it wasn’t in my purchase history but it was addressed to me. And we needed a new shower curtain!
A marketer friend of mine said that Amazon was trying out a new scheme where they just send high-value customers free stuff based on what Amazon thinks they need. I was blown away.
Turns out a house guest sent us one as a gift but never mentioned it. We found out about a year later while we were having dinner with him.
Mystery solved.” (alfonsol)

13. “One time when I was about seven years old I heard a weird high whispery voice saying things that I couldn’t quite hear/understand while I was trying to sleep at night with a cold, and it frightened me a lot and the more panicked I got about it, the louder it got.
Years later, aged about fifteen, I realized that’s the sound my nose makes when I’ve got a really bad cold and I breathe in and out quickly.” (sisterstigmatic)

Finally Realized: Tenor

14. “My roommate and I lived in this two-story building that had an internal balcony that looked like it shouldn’t be able to stay up. When we moved in, there was a crack in the ceiling of the ground floor just below the balcony that extended around 50cm towards the lounge. Over the year this crack propagated and got noticeably larger to the point that we started moving heavy items away from the top floor. After a year, the crack was huge, ran the entire length of the room and looked seriously dangerous.
I found out, years later, that my flatmate was drawing an ever larger crack each week. Bastard.” (5tu)

Finally Realized: TeslaLeak

15. “I had 6 pet crayfish at one point. About a week in, I find a body of a crayfish that I assumed died in the night, so I went outside and buried it in the courtyard, gave it an honorable send-off.
I get back to the tank and see that there are still 6 crayfish, and I distinctly remember that I only had 6, and 6-1=5. So I shrugged it off and just assumed I miss counted in the beginning.
In the next few days, I find at least 4 more bodies, but there are still 6 live crayfish in the tank, I assume that I have lost my mind and spend countless hours awake trying to figure out what is going on. There’s no way that they can have babies that grow up that fast, and my friends aren’t sad enough to keep buying more and putting them in when one dies. So I strongly believe that I have lost my mind/I own Satan’s fish.
About 4 days later I google ”Crawfish division/multiplications” because I am that far gone. It was then I learned that crawfish shed their entire exoskeletons very often. I was burying their exoskeletons.” (TheHumpback)

16. “When I was young, my family took us to the park for an Easter egg hunt. When we got back home, there was an Easter basket in my bed that wasn’t there when I had left.
I was 18 when mom told me she paid the landlord $10 to put it there. Couldn’t ask for a better mother.” (feelbossfive)

17. “I went to sleep one night as a kid (8-9) and heard a grainy voice calling out my name. I thought it was my mom, but she was asleep. This kept happening sporadically for the next few weeks. A weird grainy voice calling my name, always when I got into bed.
A few weeks later, I was stripping my bed sheets, and I found something underneath one of them. It was a “yak-back”. For those of you who don’t know what that was, it was a toy in the 90s that let you record about 5 seconds of dialogue (poorly) and play it back at the touch of the button. The last thing I recorded on it was my mom yelling my name. I had been inadvertently hitting the button while climbing into bed.” (deleted)

18. “When I was very young and playing Silent Hill, there was a certain room you could go into where there were nooses and engraved plates behind each one on a wall stating what each person who got hung was executed for. One said that a man was hung for arson. Being a kid, I didn’t know what arson was so I asked my dad. He told me, “Arson is when you cross the street without there being a crosswalk.” I was horrified and astounded! I didn’t know you could be sentenced to death for that! Many years later after I had forgotten about the incident someone brought up arson (I knew what it meant by that time) and I had a flashback to what my father had told me. Mystery solved, I was never under threat of being hung for arson as a child.” (DarthKthulhu)

19.”We used to have chickens when I was a kid. One day I went out to the coop and they were all gone. When I asked my dad, he told me “Oh, they must’ve flown south for the winter.” As a naive child, I didn’t think much of it.
It wasn’t until much later, when I was eating homemade chicken soup that I looked up, wide-eyed, and it hit me: chickens don’t fly.” (RussianRaccoon)

20.”When I was about 6-7 years old, I was woken up by bright lights coming through my window. Naturally, I freaked out and woke up my pops. He told me to go back to bed while he investigated. The bright lights kept shining through all of the windows, one after the other in no particular order. At the time, I had no idea what this bright light could have been. It was terrifying. I’ve literally had nightmares that start out the same way since then.
Years later at my father’s funeral, my dad’s best friend comes over and starts telling this story from another perspective. He tells me, “When we all younger and I was a cop, I’d fly the police helicopter over to your house and shine the lights on your house to mess with your dad. He’d come outside and moon us.” All this time, I had no idea what the bright lights were until then. It all made sense.” (reddit_man64)

Finally Realized: Giphy

21. “When I was about 11 and my sister was 14, she came home from a sleepover with a large red welt on her neck. When my mother questioned her about it, she wove an epic tale of a fight amongst friends, culminating in the use of tootsie rolls as projectiles. Though she had remained neutral, she was sadly struck in the neck during the crossfire.
My mom apparently decided to see how far my sister was willing to take this story. She feigned indignation and said she wanted the phone numbers for the girl that threw the tootsie roll and the girl that hosted the party, to inform their mothers of the incident. There was talk of cutting those friends out of my sister’s life.
At the time, I was horrified that that had happened to her. Years later, I realized my mother decided to troll instead of addressing the fact that her daughter came home from a “girls-only” “supervised” sleepover with a hickey.” (SpeechieBee)

22. “When I was a kid, up until age 13 or so, I thought I could see bacteria. I would be walking along and then I would see this clump of bacteria, maybe 5-8 cells long, float through my peripheral vision. If I tried to focus on them, they went away. Only later a friend’s dad overheard me telling his son, and told me it was the remnants of your in-utero blood vessels floating in front of your eyes. I thought I was going to develop X-men-type powers when I fully hit puberty. It was disappointing.” (isanthrope_may)

23. “I wonder if anyone else remembers a program called “Strange But True”? One episode focused on a poltergeist, scared the hell out of me I can tell you. One bit I especially remember was that the woman of the house went into the bedroom to tell the kids off for running around, only for them to protest their innocence.
As she turned away, the heavy chest of drawers ‘moved itself’ in front of the door. The camera then zoomed into this woman’s face, and the look on her face scared the sweet bejesus out of me. (I was only about 8 at the time)
So anyway, I had nightmares for days, and finally admitted what had me so scared to my Dad. He promised me that he’d sort the ghosts out for me, and so I went to bed a little less scared than the night before. When I woke up, something had moved me and my brother’s bunk beds into the middle of the room, without waking us!
I was suitably terrified for a long time.
It wasn’t until my 14th/15th birthday when the family were all sat around reminiscing, that my eldest brother laughed and said: “Hey, remember the time we all moved Nathan’s bed to scare him?”
Turned out that my Dad had tucked me into bed, then gone and told the other 5 kids of his great idea, and as a family activity had decided to move my bed, then after it was done sent my brother to bed in his bunk.
Bastards.” (revolut1onname)

24. “When I was a kid, we went to the next town over for a rock show. On the way home, we drove by a farm with what looked like a UFO hovering next to it. My dad, the alien/UFO enthusiast, was losing it. I was screaming in the back seat, urging my mother to drive faster. For years, I avoided that town.
One day my mother asked if I wanted to go to Dairy Queen. I said yes, but remembered halfway there that it was in that town. Scared to learn the answer, I waited in terror.
It was a barn light. This is why I am terrified of aliens.” (1pptouch)

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