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Prove You Have An Above Average IQ And Find The Hidden Woman In These Photographs


Some animals have evolved to develop a defense against predators called mimicry. This is the ability to resemble another animal, plant or inanimate objects. It’s taken millions of years of evolution for living creatures to develop this skill. 

A body paint artist called Joerg Duesterwald decided to use his skills to recreate this natural phenomenon. Using a model, and working alongside artists Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida, Joerg blended the human body into its surroundings using nothing but paint.

The results are beautiful and almost perfect. We say ‘almost’ because some of the models hiding in the landscapes are easy to spot. Some, on the other hand, are impossible to find. Only the keenest and most observant eye (possibly belonging to someone with a high IQ) can spot them without help.

For this IQ challenge, try to spot the woman in the following pictures as quickly as possible. Take your time, and look for the shape of a woman’s body among the landscape. Good luck!

1 Joerg Duesterwald

The artist used nothing but body paint to blend the model to her surroundings. That’s right, no photoshop or digital enhancements. Impressive, isn’t it? Here’s a close-up detail of where she is.

The artists’ commitment to not using editing tools was so intense, that they took all the photographs at the locations and painted the models right there on the spot.

As you go through this list, you’ll see why that’s significant. Some of the landscapes are rough, with extreme temperatures, and out in the wilderness. For this snowy landscape, look on the left side among the trees.

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