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Barber Lights Peoples Hair On Fire To Give Them A Cut

Every barber has their own set of techniques they use to achieve the perfect cut, but most of them use the same tools. However, one daring barber has come up with a truly unique way to cut men’s hair — by setting it on fire.

For thrill seekers who are also looking for a new ‘do, this barber turns you into a human candle while styling away. Footage of this unusual yet innovative technique has been circulating around the Internet showing a man casually in the barber’s seat while having his hair cut through a blazing fire.


The video shows the barber dousing the customer’s head with a flammable powder and liquid, then proceeding to set it ablaze. While the hair is afire, the barber uses two combs to brush persistently through it and trim where necessary.

Swapping scissors for fire, this exhilarating approach to a haircut clearly is quite the spectacle as well with a number of people crowding around to watch the barber at work. As the barber strategically combs through the flaming hair, pieces are visible falling onto the white cloth draping the customer. There’s definitely a level of skill necessary to not have the customer’s head set afire, but also to achieve an intended cut through this method.

There are a number of things, however, which you just have to wonder. First of all, how terrible must that salon smell? Also, who was the brave soul who let this barber try his technique for the first time? 

Surprisingly, this barber isn’t the only stylist who has turned to fire over the traditional haircutting tools. Dasharath of Raj Men’s Parlour in Gulbarga began using candle flames to cut hair after becoming inspired during a power outage.

The footage was first shared on Twitter by Pakistani journalist, Omar R Quraishi, and has now gone viral with over 42 million views and counting on Facebook.


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