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People Share Stories About People Who Got Fired Because Of A Post On Social Media


Most people try their best to create a separation between their work and personal lives, but social media can sometimes bridge the two in less than favorable ways. It’s become increasingly important to be cautious of what you post online because some things you want to share with your friends are not what you want your employers to see.

One Redditor asked the community to share stories where a social media post resulted in them losing their jobs.

Turns out, a handful of likes are really not worth it in the long run. Here are 25 stories of people who ended up getting the ax all because of a social media post.

1. Simulation: “I was fired over a Facebook post when I was younger and an idiot. I was working a late shift and posted something about wanting to go home and play The Sims so I could re-create the telecommunications store I worked for on it, and then slowly kill off all of the customers. I completely forgot that one of my new coworkers had added me on Facebook a few days before. My boss didn’t find the post too funny.” (Reddit user: Whaabz)

1Mod The Sims

2. Bad Driver: “I was working at a law firm and it was my first week on the job. I had to ride with one of the employees to the UPS store and she was a terrible driver. We had a number of close calls on the route. I posted on Facebook, ‘One week on the job and my coworker is already trying to kill me; Worst driver ever.’ The next day, I got called into my boss’s office. My coworker was sitting there expressionless and a print out of my post was sitting on the desk. It was awkward.” (Reddit user: About40Llamas)

2George Rudy /

3. Keeping Tabs: “I had to terminate an employee because he tweeted using a customer’s full name. He wrote, ‘(Customer’s name) would be a great name for a gay adult film star.’ It came to my attention when the customer’s lawyer called me the next day threatening action. Apparently, this guy works for the local newspaper and obsessively searches his name on various social media platforms regularly.” (Reddit user: sharkwithlaser)

3Jirapong Manustrong /

4. Drug Test: “This happened to a prospective employee at the company I work for. He had passed his interview and was told that all he needed to do was pass a drug test and a physical before starting on Monday. 20 minutes after the interview, the guy posted on Facebook, ‘Anyone know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours?’ He did not end up getting the job or end up having to take the test.” (Reddit user: Bigblockchevy)

4one photo /

5. Star Customer: “Back when I was working at Geek Squad, one of my coworkers ended up being fired because she posted a lot of information about a famous actor who came in one day. She posted his full name, talked about his black Amex card, and revealed stuff he had on his computer. She actually did this twice but it wasn’t until the second time that she got fired.” (Reddit user: showtunesaboutbacon)

5Natasa Adzic /

6. Wrong Account: “A female friend of mine was DM’d on Twitter by a local news presenter. Despite that he was much older, he commented on her beach pictures, saying how pretty she was and that they should meet up. He ended up losing his job later that week because he messaged her using the weather channel’s official Twitter account.” (Reddit user: wowhowfun)

6EHStockphoto /

7. Free Shots: “I was working as a bartender and had to deal with a terrible customer who ended up threatening me. When I informed my boss about this, he didn’t kick out the customer but instead, bought him free shots to placate him. I posted to Facebook that anyone who came to the bar and cussed me out would get a free shot and VIP. I was fired.” (Reddit user: ThingInTheNorth)

7David Tadevosian /

8. Bad Jokes: “A girl I went to college with was interviewing for a position at the school I teach at. The principal loved her until he found some tweets poking fun at the school being urban and inner city. The first tweet was asking if she could borrow a gun to go to the interview and the second was something along the lines of ‘My ride to work will be all click, click, lockin’ my doors.’ The principal confronted her about the tweets in the final interview and she ended up being blacklisted.” (Reddit user: joliedame)

8ADS Portrait /

9. Guilty: “A few years ago, I knew this girl who was doing social media for Entenmann’s (a bakery outlet). She had this job around the time of the Casey Anthony trial, and the day the verdict was released, she decided to tweet, ‘Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?’ It ended up going viral and she was fired a few days later.” (Reddit user: TwasEchoes1701)

9Kristi Blokhin /

10. Offensive Emojis: “A couple of years ago, the guy doing social media for the Houston Rockets ended up getting fired for a tweet during the NBA playoffs. The Rockets were playing the Dallas Mavericks and he tweeted an emoji of a gun pointing towards a horse, writing, ‘Shhhh. Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

11. The Bigger Picture: “One woman at my work was sent a bunch of flowers mid-day by her fiance. She decided to take a picture of them and then upload them to Facebook. As innocuous as it seemed at the time, she ended up getting fired because there were a couple of clearly readable classified documents in the background.” (Reddit user: unterlagen)

11Dima Sidelnikov /

12. The Master Plan: “A former colleague of mine thought he was brilliant by posting his plan to quit his job on Facebook. He wrote something about how he was going to use all of his sick leave and then quit. I guess he forgot he had other employees as friends. He posted the status at 9 AM and was told he didn’t have a job by 11 AM.” (Reddit user: stumpyoftheshire)


13. Too Soon: “I work in a hospital and there was a police shooting a couple of years ago. One of the officers was dead on arrival and a couple of idiot employees posted condolences on their Facebook pages with the name of the officer. This was before the officer’s family was officially informed. Seven or eight employees lost their jobs that day.” (Reddit user: LilyMe)

14. Bad Post: “A girl I have on Facebook works for the postal service in my town. She posted about how much she wanted to kill her boss one day and even went into gory details about how she would do it. It wasn’t too long until she posted another status about how the Feds showed up at her house and that now she’s fired. She’s not the smartest girl I know.” (Reddit user: allycat503)

14fizkes /

15. Wrongful Conviction: “I was fired from a really large insurance company for what they called ‘offensive tweets.’ Apparently, someone with a name similar to mine happened to be tweeting vulgar things to various comedy accounts. I was brought into HR and was fired on the spot. However, I sued them for wrongful conviction and won.” (Reddit user: HyenaPVM)

15tommaso79 /

16. Teacher Foul: “A teacher at my school got fired because she had been tagged in a photo on Facebook of her in a brewery. She had gone on a tour there while she was on vacation. She wasn’t even holding a beer or anything, she was just in the picture. Guess teachers can’t have lives outside of school.” (Reddit user: tiffibean13)

16momente /

17. Beer Bong: “This story is actually about hiring someone. We Googled all of the candidates to see if their name came up with anything interesting. One guy’s Facebook page had his profile picture of him doing a beer bong. Midway through the interview with him, we slid the picture out on the table casually. We told him he should be more careful what he puts on social media. 20 minutes later, we checked his profile and it was private. We hired him and he ended up being a great employee.” (Reddit user: pacmain)

17Tero Vesalainen /

18. Five-For-One: “I had to fire 5 employees because of one social media post. One guy came to me because he had his shoes stolen from the break room and found a picture on Instagram of another employee wearing them the same day they went missing. He didn’t have Instagram but told me his username. Little did this guy know, there was also a picture of him with others all drinking in the break room on there. I had to fire all five of the guys in the photo.” (Reddit user: jacqueIine)

18George Rudy /

19. Timely Joke: “I didn’t get fired, but I got quite a scolding from corporate and was forced to take down a tweet. It was 4/20 and I was working as a pizza delivery guy so I tweeted, ‘Anyone got the munchies? Order a pizza from me!’ My boss told me I’d be fired if I did anything like that again yet two years later, Jack in the Box is doing the same thing and making millions.” (Reddit user: LucentNargacuga)

19lassedesignen /

20. All Around Bad Idea: “A guy at my company got fired because he posted a picture of a nug of weed (which is illegal here) on top of his employee security pass. You could see his full name and the company logo in plain view. Frankly, he was probably too stupid to even have a job.” (Reddit user: Pulsecode9)

20Olivier Le Moal /

21. Patient Pictures: “My wife had a classmate in nursing school who ended up getting kicked out because she was posting pictures of patients on Instagram. Some pictures were taken with the patient’s permission, but some were of babies and were taken without consent. She was religious and would caption the photos things like, ‘pray for their healing.’ Even without the patient’s permission, this is a huge violation and it wasn’t long before she was found out.” (Reddit user: olcrazypete)

22. Public Venting: “I worked at a small department store and one of my fellow employees had an anonymous hate blog about working there. They identified the managers and staff by initials and described in detail how they would torture each one. They were apparently too descriptive in their storytelling, which made the blog much less anonymous than they had hoped. Police escorted them away mid-shift and they were banned from all store locations.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

22Ollyy /

23. Sneaky Tip: “I was working at a small town cinema and someone posted to a local subreddit about how to sneak into an 18-rated film. I knew how to get away with this and replied with a foolproof strategy. A customer saw the post and emailed the franchise I worked for. It was pretty obvious who I was from my posting history and I got fired that night.” (Reddit user: GregorF92)

23chrisdorney /

24. Private Information: “I knew someone who used to work at a bank. Apparently, a famous football player lost a bet and called in to make a money transfer. She posted about it online with his full name, how much he lost, and how dumb he was for betting that much money. She was fired shortly after.” (Reddit user: stacilator)

24cactusimage /


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