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Firefighter Who Saved 6-Year-Old Boy From Massacre Shows Up At Hospital To Bring Him Home

When Ryland was finally discharged, Duncan said that he was “ready to get in the truck right away.” The Sutherland Springs community gathered to give Ryland a very special welcome home and stated that he looked like a “kid on Christmas morning” when he arrived in town.

“He wanted to go faster. He wanted the siren to be louder, and he wanted me to honk more at all the people,” Duncan told TODAY. “He was having a blast.” This special homecoming wasn’t the only way the community helped out Ryland. During his convalescence, people from all across the globe sent Ryland Christmas cards and raised roughly $160,000 for his hospital bill through GoFundMe.

“He’s a character,” Duncan told ABC News. “This little boy has the best fighting spirit I’ve ever seen out of anybody in my entire life. He’s kept me going this whole time. Even when I was giving up … just thinking about him and being around him makes me smile.”


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