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World’s First Skyscraper Designed To Hang Suspended From An Asteroid


When I start to think about how to build a skyscraper I would not even know where to begin. How deep would I have to dig? How high would I have to build it before it is considered a skyscraper? What about the wind up there? What kind of material can withstand the wind and the cold air? But now imagine building a skyscraper upside down.

Upside down from where you ask? Hanging from an asteroid! Not as a theory or an idea, but there is an actual company created to design such a building.

Read on to find out about this massive scale project.

There is currently a group of architects based in New York that is preparing to build a skyscraper that will be suspended from the air. The infrastructure is expected to hang about 50,000 kilometers or 31,000 miles from an asteroid up in the air!


The team is called Clouds Architecture Office and as its name suggests it hopes to build a building that not only pokes through clouds, but hangs from above them!


The group was also responsible for the development and the subsequent creation of the Mars Ice Home which is a building that is expected to be built on Martian soil.


The team has plans to build the world’s ‘tallest’ building but also one that hangs suspended from a harnessed asteroid that is currently orbiting Earth.


The team has so far made plans, artwork and blueprints of manufacturing such a building. It is set to be called the Analemma Tower.


Using technology called the UOSS, Universal Orbital Support System, the tower will be held upright and studded into the ground using these heavy-duty cables.


The building will be suspended from the orbiting asteroid using this UOSS technology and it will be kept in suspension using this method.


The company claims that this technology is not so far-fetched since NASA is expected to be able to manipulate asteroids and smaller rocks in space in the future.


NASA currently has a mission, albeit with no budget set aside, to redirect an asteroid in 2021. The team also plans on capturing this asteroid, but what that entails is still to be determined.


The skyscraper, as one could imagine, would be suspended from the sky. It would travel in a figure-eight formation that covers both the Northern and the Southern hemisphere.


Residents are expected to have a gorgeous view not only because they are suspended in the air (bird’s eye view) but because they are passing over major cities such as Havana, Panama City, and New York on a daily basis.


The tower and building will return to the same spot in the sky after every 24 hour interval.


To be more exact, this expenditure will be more of a city as opposed to a building. The team is expected to build a dining, shopping and entertainment section on top of the residential area.


There will even be a place of worship for the residents and the whole skyscraper will be divided into multiple separate and distinct sections.


In order to conserve energy and be more economical, it will use its travel path to absorb solar energy (using solar panels) for energy.


A filter system for condensation will also be employed in the clouds and the subsequent rainwater will be transferred and filtered into clean fresh water.



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