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Teen Becomes First Transgender Prom Queen In The UK


A teenager from the UK has just become the first transgender person to be crowned Prom Queen. 16-year-old Lori Beynon was born Luis but has always known that she was meant to be a girl. But on her prom night, she ‘didn’t feel like a girl, I felt like a queen.’

Lori of Cardigan began transitioning two years ago after coming out to her mother via a text message.

After she attended prom with her friends she was eventually deemed Queen, got crowned and was given a sash. Lori described it as the ‘best moment of her life.’

Keep on reading to see how Lori got to where she is today, and to see how much she dazzled on her prom night.

Bubbly and glamorous, the teenager now wears a skirt uniform while attending school and has also started hormone treatment.

However, Lori explained that she had never worn a ‘proper dress’ until the school’s prom, so she was excited that her classmates selected her as their Queen.

This is thought to be the first time ever that a transgender person has been crowned as either Prom King or Queen in England.

‘I was really excited to be going to prom anyway,’ Lori said. ‘It was the first time I had really worn a proper dress.’ 

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