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A Fish Caught With Detailed ‘Tattoos’ Sparks Strange Internet Debate


The ocean is a large and mysterious place, and sometimes some pretty strange and inexplicable things can surface. Often times, the ones who stumble across these strange or bizarre things are the fishermen and anglers who spend their lives on the water.

Earlier this week, fishermen in the Philippines came across a very interesting fish. Instead an array of scales, the fish was covered with an intricate set of blue and white designs such as a shield, a crown and twisting vines.

The fishermen noticed the strange designs right away, and took a photo of it next to a normal fish for comparison before posting them online.  

After being posted online, the image was then shared on the local news channel GMA News. Since then, the image has sparked thousands of comments from people trying to figure out why this happened.

There are tons of theories going around as to how this fish got tattooed. Some of them are funny and creative, and others are more scientific and likely.

The most basic answer could be that some tattoo artist was practicing on the fish and then threw him back into the ocean. Although tattooing a live fish would definitely be a bit of a challenge.

One user had a more mystical theory, saying that there is a lot we don’t know about the ocean and that anything is possible. I’m not sure if she’s suggesting that there are underwater tattoo parlors or what.

Another equally unlikely theory is that there is an underwater prison where marine biologists tattoo the animals and fish. 

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