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Woman Has The Best Response To Fisherman Throwing Female White Lobster Back In The Ocean

A lobster that was caught by a fisherman named Alex Todd from Chebeague Island, Maine, is making its way into viral fame. A regular lobster gets its color by mixing yellow, blue, and red protein pigments. Different genetic mutations will result to in different colored lobsters like red, yellow, or blue. It’s also possible for the lobster to be a mixture of these colors.

This particular lobster that was caught by Todd most likely has a genetic condition called Leucism. This condition doesn’t cause a complete loss of pigment (which would make the lobster albino). The loss of color is only partial.

The result is that the lobster looks opaque but has a pearlescent hue and you can still see hints of blue in the color of the eyes. It’s really a scientific wonder and a beauty to look at. Social media seems to think the same as the original Facebook post garnered 2,300 likes and reactions as well as almost 3,000 shares. However, it’s the Twitter reactions that took the cake.

Here is the original Facebook post that was shared by Main Coast Fisherman’s Association:

The lobster was also covered by major news outlets because of its startling color:

In the interview, Todd, who is a 10th generation Maine fisherman told ABC News, “I’ve never seen a white one. This one was translucent with just a hint of blue in it.”


He states that when he saw that it was a female and carrying eggs, he threw it back into the ocean, which is required by Maine law in regards to female catches.

lobster 4 |

People read the article that was posted on ABC News’ Twitter account, and the reactions to her were amazing. People absolutely loved this majestic looking lobster.

One response, though, rose above all others. How can one tweet be so random, perfect, and accurate all at the same time? The response was almost as magical as the lobster herself. 

And as is to be expected, people lost it over this Tweet. Tweeters claimed that the lobster cursed the fishermen and that Todd knew what had to be done. Here’s a gem of a Tweet from @feministkilroy: 

But best of all was this account and this perfect tweet. Can you believe this magnificence? 


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