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Fitness Blogger Hasn’t Shaved Body Hair In Years, Here Are The Pics To Prove It


For many years, women have been living in a world with unrealistic and unnecessary beauty standards. Women get tricked by the media and advertisements to believe that normal things are bad like:

  • Body Hair,
  • Body Odour,
  • Wrinkles.

Realistically, these are just natural occurrences that happen to all human beings. One fitness blogger named Morgan Mikenas has decided to ditch those beauty standards and has stopped shaving her body hair.

Her reasoning for doing so is pure and from the heart. She explains everything in a twelve minute YouTube video entitled ‘Why I Don’t Shave’ and outlines her reasoning behind the decision to ditch the razor and embrace the hair that grows naturally on her legs and armpits.

Morgan explained that she is very passionate about her body hair, and how the decision to stop removing it has really helped her.

Although she isn’t trying to encourage others to stop shaving their body hair as well, she is simply sharing why this choice works for her and is hoping to open a door for others who feel the same way.

She starts off by explaining the technicalities of shaving. She explains that it takes long to get in the shower and shave everything and then continue on with the rest of the cleaning process. One day she asked herself. ‘Why am I doing this anymore?’

When she first decided to let her body hair grow out and do its own thing, she realized that it was actually kind of nice. She found that her hair was soft, rather than uncomfortable from cuts, scratches, or other irritations that can come from shaving.

Morgan recalled times in middle school when she was bullied for having hair on her legs when she would wear shorts in the gym. She had run home crying to her mother asking if she could shave her legs.

She said that the shaving process started at that young age. She began shaving her legs and armpits and at the time she felt like that was the way to feel beautiful. 

After deciding to let her body hair grow out, she explained that she had been working in childcare and on the days they would take the kids swimming, children as young as kindergarten and first grade were pointing out her leg hair and asking why she didn’t shave.

She found it terribly sad that children at such a young age already have opinions on this type of vanity. ‘What does that say if that is how these kids are being taught?’ she said, commenting on how children in the third grade are already beginning to shave their legs.

It’s unfortunate that people feel so strongly about fitting into this culture norm. Morgan explained that women first began shaving their body hair when an ad was put out designed to make women feel embarrassed for having it. Before that, it was a totally normal thing.

In the past, Morgan said that when she didn’t shave her legs it would make her feel dirty and unfeminine. So she would remove her body hair in order to make herself feel more beautiful. But now she loves her body hair and enjoys being her most natural self.

She believes that there is more to life than just a physical body. ‘There’s more to it than just the outer appearance,’ she said. ‘Why would I remove something that mother nature has put on our bodies,’ she said. She feels that there is more of a spiritual connection to hair than we might realize.

She also explained that part of what helps her stay so comfortable and confident was the fact that her boyfriend is fully supportive and likes it. ‘He thinks that I look beautiful either way,’ she said.

Looking back to her days in high school, she recalled the way boys would act. Often making fun of her and saying rude things. But Morgan realizes now that it’s ‘just hair.’

Although the ads from the razor companies were not the only factor that caused women to begin shaving, it was one of the many contributions.

Why should we let those things make us feel like we need to remove the hair from our bodies? Morgan explained that she’s been seeing a lot more women being comfortable rocking their body hair and it’s helped her to stay on board. Pictured here is Morgan’s friend who also appears to be embracing natural body hair. 

‘How can this hairy woman look so beautiful?’ she said. ‘I was envious of the confidence in these girls.’

The decision led her down the path to self-love, and completely changed her life.  In one of her Instagram posts where she shows off her fuzzy legs she writes ‘When you have nothing to hide you can freely be yourself, there is a profound peace/confidence you will emanate to the world that will inspire others.’

In another, she wrote how nice it was to embrace natural beauty. ‘The beauty that is on the inside and the outside,’ she said. 

To Morgan, being beautiful is just being whatever you thought was beautiful before someone else told you otherwise.

It’s refreshing to see girls like Morgan standing up and challenging beauty standards. Hopefully, her confidence and encouragement will inspire other young girls to feel comfortable in their own skin.


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