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Fitness Blogger Hasn’t Shaved Body Hair In Years, Here Are The Pics To Prove It


For many years, women have been living in a world with unrealistic and unnecessary beauty standards. Women get tricked by the media and advertisements to believe that normal things are bad like:

  • Body Hair,
  • Body Odour,
  • Wrinkles.

Realistically, these are just natural occurrences that happen to all human beings. One fitness blogger named Morgan Mikenas has decided to ditch those beauty standards and has stopped shaving her body hair.

Her reasoning for doing so is pure and from the heart. She explains everything in a twelve minute YouTube video entitled ‘Why I Don’t Shave’ and outlines her reasoning behind the decision to ditch the razor and embrace the hair that grows naturally on her legs and armpits.

Morgan explained that she is very passionate about her body hair, and how the decision to stop removing it has really helped her.

Although she isn’t trying to encourage others to stop shaving their body hair as well, she is simply sharing why this choice works for her and is hoping to open a door for others who feel the same way.

She starts off by explaining the technicalities of shaving. She explains that it takes long to get in the shower and shave everything and then continue on with the rest of the cleaning process. One day she asked herself. ‘Why am I doing this anymore?’

When she first decided to let her body hair grow out and do its own thing, she realized that it was actually kind of nice. She found that her hair was soft, rather than uncomfortable from cuts, scratches, or other irritations that can come from shaving.

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