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Fitness Blogger, Rebecca Burger, Has Died Of Cardiac Arrest Involving A Whipped Cream Dispenser

Rebecca Burger was a fitness blogger from France with 160,000 Instagram followers and 55,000 Facebook fans. She tragically passed away on June 18, 2017. She was killed by whipped cream dispenser. Nothing is more tragic and sudden than that.

The dispenser had exploded into her chest. According to the BBC who cited local reports in France, Burger died of cardiac arrest after the accident even though she was attended to by medics. Her family announced her death on Facebook.

They revealed the accident as a “domestic accident.” Her family also warned about faulty dispensers, which were involved in her death. They wrote on social media that the canister “exploded and struck Rebecca’s chest, causing her death.”

According to The BBC, a French consumer group had actually warned readers for years about faulty connectors that could potentially break.

This causes the gas capsules to shoot out at extremely high rates. The dispenser shoots gas into a metal capsule, which keeps the pressure high.

Apparently, The BBC notes that this has not been the first accident involving a dispenser and that they have been dating back since 2010.

In fact, these dispensers have been involved in plenty of accidents. The government office for consumers issued a warning.

According to a French consumer magazine, about 60 million injuries are caused by ‘defective gadgets.’ These injuries include broken teeth, loss of an eye and even multiple fractures.

A family member posted a photo on Rebecca’s Instagram of the exact dispenser that killed her so that people are aware that they should be careful when using any type of device.

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So who exactly was Rebecca Burger? She was a 33-year-old who was pretty well known in the fitness world. She wrote about health and training as well as food and lifestyle.

She also modeled for the health and fitness retailer Women’s Best. The group posted a very touching tribute online after they found out about her death.

The company wrote: “We are sad to have to announce the loss of this wonderful soul. Rebecca was a great athlete and a kind and generous person with whom to work.”

In addition to all of this, Rebecca was also known to participate in worldwide fitness competitions, according to NBC. Her most recent one was in Columbus, Ohio where she placed eighth.

The Sun UK notes that just days after Rebecca’s accident, a French mother was also badly injured by an exploding whipped cream canister.

It did not hit her thorax like it did with Rebecca. Heidi Dumotier, from France, was making pastries for her daughter’s birthday when the device exploded in her hands after she shook it.


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