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There Are Supposedly Five Different Types Of Lady Bits In The World, And Here They Are

shape18 Pixabay

As taboo as it may be to talk about our private parts and as awkward as some of these conversations can be, in all reality, there’s really not much to be embarrassed about. We all go to the bathroom, shower (or don’t shower), smell, sleep, and let out some wind. Some of us have better personal hygiene than others, while other people are more lax about the way they look like. 

Anyone who works in health and beauty—specifically in the areas of waxing and/or laser hair removal—can probably attest to the fact that every single body in this world is different. Although men and women come packaged with the same goods, we’re all packaged very differently.

And who better to explain the different shapes and variations of our precious female parts than a long time wax specialist? A former wax specialist recently described the five different types of female parts she has experienced in her life, and here they are.

1. Ms. Horseshoe: This shape, so delicately called the horseshoe, typically encompasses a wider opening at the top of a lady’s woman parts.

shape01 Pixabay

This type of shape usually has an exposed labia minora which meets at the bottom.

That part of our lady bits can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Someone with a Ms. Horseshoe shape will have a labia minora which looks like an upside-down horseshoe.

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