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You Can Fix A Broken Nail With A Tea Bag

Using the clear nail polish, apply a base-coat that covers the entire nail including the tea bag and wait for it to dry. You’ll notice that the strip will become transparent after you apply the coat. Then, cut some of the excess at the tip of your nail and file the rough edges away. The tea bag is so delicate and soft that it will come off with the filing in no time! 

When you file your nail to get rid of the rough edges of the tea bag, do it gently and use a superfine file. Do it with the intention of blending the teabag with your nail, rather than sanding off the material. Once your nail is as dry as it can be, buff the top and apply a second coat of clear polish. You’ll see that even after a second coat, the nail looks a bit weird and textured. That’s why you can’t miss the last step.

By now, your nail should be smooth to the touch. This is when you take your favorite color of nail polish and paint your nails like you normally would. Apply two or three coats of polish, followed by a top coat and whatever designs you like to wear. In the end, the result should be a smooth nail that you can’t tell apart from the other ones!

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This tea bag trick is the BEST nail hack ever

Broken nail? Fix it with a tea bag! #BeautyHacks

Posted by Eyeliner Addict on Thursday, December 8, 2016


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