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That Fleshy Lump You Found Inside Your Nose, May Actually Be A Nasal Polyp


There is nothing more annoying than blowing your nose only to find out that whatever is stuck in there just won’t come out. Not only is it not comfortable, but when blowing fails, you begin to pick at it only to find a small bump that just won’t budge.

It’s never refreshing to discover a growth anywhere on your body and can be very frightening at times. But it’s not time to panic; there is a perfectly normal reason for this bump that you have found in your nose.

The bump that you have found inside your nose is not gold, it’s nasal polyp, and it’s quite common. Want to know more about? Keep reading!

What is Nasal Polyp: They soft, painless, noncancerous growths on the lining of the nasal passages and sinuses. They hang down like a teardrop or a grape from a tree.

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What Causes Nasal Polyp: The reason why nasal polyp develops is because of chronic inflammation that is usually due to asthma, reoccurring infections, allergies, drug sensitivity, or immune disorders.

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Who is Most Likely to Get Them: While nasal polyp can affect any person of any age, in most cases adults who are 40-years-old and up are most prone to getting them. Also, men are two times more likely to get them than women.

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Symptoms: As mentioned, nasal polyp is the direct cause of inflammation that has developed on the lining of the nasal passage. The following are symptoms that you may experience if you’ve developed nasal polyp.

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