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Plans To Build World’s First Floating City In The Middle Of The Pacific Released

As the realities of global climate change become more apparent and start to affect us, the most vulnerable populations are island nations that have to deal with rising sea levels. One company has come up with an idea that fits right into a world where sea levels are rising and livable land is being lost to the ocean and climate change.  

French Polynesia makes up more than 100 islands in the South Pacific, and is considered to be a part of Oceania. Islands like Tahiti, do not have the luxury to stick their heads in the sand about global climate change like some countries, because of the very real effects of climate change they have to deal with.


The French Polynesian government has made plans with a U.S. firm to build a floating city that will be located out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Plans to begin construction on the floating city are set to begin in 2019. The company is called The Seasteading Institute.

The company has been working hard for half a decade to figure out to construct “permanent, innovative communities floating at sea.” Floating cities have been oft talked about in science-fiction and in reality, but this company could manage to make the first floating city a reality.

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