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This Floating Gym Is Wild And Energy Efficient

Whether you prefer to watch television, listen to music, or look out the window, there’s no denying that it’s nice to have a little distraction while working out at the gym. Italian architect Carlo Ratti has created a design that takes the gym experience to a whole other level.

The “Paris Navigating Gym” unites fitness fiends and offers an unparalleled view from the city’s Seine River. The fitness vessel floats along the river and moves with the power generated by the workouts of the passengers aboard. Like a giant (exceptionally more luxurious) paddle boat, exercisers use fitness bikes and cross trainers to propel the floating gym.


Innovation and design firm, Carlo Ratti Associati, created a concept design for this floating gym that allows the passengers to sightsee various Paris attractions including the Eiffel Tower. The Paris Navigating Gym is 20 meters long and can hold up to 45 people with workout equipment for each.

Not only is the vessel’s energy completely powered by the passengers, making it incredibly environmental, it allows Parisians to utilize the river all year long. The concept boasts augmented-reality screens, installed on the boat windows, which is also powered by the work outs of those on board.

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