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20 Flowers That Look Unbelievably Similar To Something Else


There are so many different types of plants in the world that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some plants grow fruits, vegetables or herbs that we can use to cook with and some plants grow flowers.

There are even plants that have health benefits such as using Aloe Vera to treat burns and other skin irritations, and using lavender as a stress reliever or sleep enhancer.

Some plants can be dangerous to humans and even lethal and there are probably hundreds that we have yet to discover! Depending on where you live, you may only be familiar with a small handful of plants, but there are so many cool ones out there!

Not all flowers take on the traditional shape of a rose or a tulip. The petals of each flower is unique and some of them even grow in shapes that resemble other things! Check out these 20 plants that totally look like something else. Some of them are even named after the resemblance.

1. Snow Monkey: This goofy looking plant looks just like a snow monkey, also known as the Japanese Macaque. The white fluffy buds resemble the monkey’s fur, and the middle looks a lot like their face.

2. Dicentra Spectabilis: Nope, these aren’t valentine’s day decorations, it’s a beautiful plant! Because of its shape and color it is also referred to as the ‘bleeding heart’ plant.

3. Wheat: This is nothing but a patch of wheat blowing in the wind. However, if you have a dirty mind you might be picturing something else.

4. Aristolochia Salvadorensis: Doesn’t this strange-looking flower look like Darth Vader? The shape of the outline totally matches his helmet and then the holes make the eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 2.58.30 PMflickr

5. Habenaria Radiata: The wispy petals of this flower make it resemble the feathers of a bird. The way it folds into itself creates the shape of the body which makes this flower look like a dove in flight.

6. Ballerina Orchid: This one looks like a little ballerina! The lighter part makes the tutu, and the way the darker part curves up makes it look like she’s doing a traditional ballet pose with pointed toes at the bottom.   

7. Peristeria Elata: Sometimes referred to as a dove or Holy Ghost orchid, this flower looks like it has a little bird sitting in the middle of it. There’s even a bit of yellow coloring that makes the beak.

8. Habenaria Grandifloriformis: These ones are nicknamed ‘angel orchids’ as they appear to be tiny fairy-like creatures with white wings.

9. Calceolaria Uniflora: From the right angle, this strange looking flower looks like a happy slug or an alien holding a tray.

10. Tiger Orchid: Orchids grow in several different shapes and colors and this one appears to have a tiger’s face in the center of it. It’s just patterns on the flower but it’s crazy how much it resembles the feline.

11. Caleana Major: Doesn’t this one look like a duck flying through the sky? The brownish purple color and shape of the ‘beak’ are remarkably similar.

12. Antirrhinum: Though this isn’t actually a flower that is shaped like a skull, it’s the seedpod to a plant that is nicknamed the snapdragon flower.

13. Impatiens Psittacina: Nicknamed the parrot flower, these colorful flowers look just like the bird! This image really looks like it’s two parrots nuzzling, but it’s actually two overlapping flowers.

14. Anguloa Uniflora: Don’t these look like little happy babies swaddled in their cribs? It looks like they have little arms reaching out, and a smile on their faces.

15. Ophrys Bomybliflora: Another flower that looks like an animal! This one kind of resembles a laughing bumblebee. It even appears to have a similar fuzzy texture.

16. Impatiens Bequaertii: These ones look like little girls dancing. They also kind of resemble paper dolls.

17. Psychotria Elata: It sort of looks like someone has used red paint to make these leaves look like a pair of kissing lips, but it’s actually a real plant! Because of its resemblance to a pair of red lips it has been given a cheeky nickname.

18. Orchis Italica: These ones are a bit on the naughty side if you have a dirty mind. They kind of resemble a naked man wearing a shower cap for… obvious reasons.

19. Phalaenopis: This one looks like a bird as well! If you look at the center, you can see the shape of a bird’s head and beak, and the large wide petals make the wings.

20 Dracula Simia: Sometimes these are called ‘monkey orchids’ because of their resemblance to a monkey’s face. What is up with all the flowers that looks like animals and people? Have you ever seen any of them in real life?


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