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16 Food Quirks Americans Don’t Realize

In America, we have a long history of doing things our own way. So when you look at our cuisine from the perspective of someone from a different country, you might be a little confused. Yes, string cheese is a thing and it can be awesome. There are lots of other things that we do a bit differently too, namely:

  • Football
  • Measurements
  • Car sizes

When it comes to food though, the rest of the world sees us very differently. Even though our movies and entertainment have permeated into other cultures, the way we handle what we eat may take a bit longer.

Here are some things that the rest of the world just doesn’t understand (or eat): 

1. Deep Frying – We’ve perfected the art of battering pretty much anything and sticking it in oil. Candy bars, bananas, burgers; you name it, we’ve fried it.

Deep fried burger

2. Coffee To Go – You won’t believe it, but in a lot of the world they don’t have Starbucks on every single corner. Many other countries don’t take their cups for a run, instead sitting and enjoying them.

Jim Carrey with starbucks

3. Hawaiian Pizza – Well yeah, it’s called Hawaiian for a reason. In Italy they’d never put pineapple on their pie, but it has a special place on menus across the country here.

4. Chicken & Waffles – You can keep your crepes, give me some chicken and waffles. I guarantee everyone would try it and be surprised by how delicious it is.

5. Snow cones/Shaved Ice – People would understand if they’ve ever been to Albuquerque in the middle of summer. Bahama Buck’s is the perfect treat when it’s 100-degrees out.

6. Ice Water – We put ice cubes in our water year round, even in the cold states. We just like having something to chew on while we wait for our server to bring us that pineapple-covered pizza.

Ice water in January

 7. Sweet Potato Casserole – People have looked at me like I’m insane when I tell them the top is made out of marshmallows. Just try it one time and tell me it’s bad.

8. Mayo On Everything – The rest of the world doesn’t treat mayo like we do, putting it on sandwiches across the country. They’re missing out though, and their sandwiches must be so dry.

Burger King nugget sandwich

9. Canned Cheese – People don’t eat this everyday like the rest of the world thinks we do, but admit it, you’ve had it a few times.

10. Root Beer Floats – I don’t care what they say. Ice cream and soda go together like apple pie and American che–Okay they might not understand that either.

 11. Peanut Butter & Jelly – Speaking of things that don’t go together anywhere else. PB&J sandwiches are a distinctly American thing. They’ll realize their mistake sooner or later.

12. Jell-O – I mean it is kind of weird if you think about it, jiggling there on your plate. But we’ve always got room for it.

13. Flavored Coffee – PSL all day! We still enjoy coffee here, but why not add some delicious flavoring to it if you can. Even if you don’t like pumpkin spice there is something for you.

14. Grits – Even if you explain what grits are to people from other countries, they’ll likely just push it away. That’s fine – more for us.

 15. Red Velvet Cake – There is some debate as to who really lays claim to the origin of red velvet cake, but it certainly debuted in America. It was perfected here too.

16. Spam – Yes, once upon a time spam was very popular. Can the whole world get over it?

Spam sticks


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