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7 Foods to Cut Out If You Want Clear, Glowing Skin

Everyone wants clear and glowing skin. If a major food detox seems too hard for you, then just try making these simple food swaps and you’ll be seeing results in no time.


Popular food groups that most people are sensitive to are: gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, nightshade vegetables and eggs, among other things. Dr. Frank Lipman outlined which foods to avoid, why they are toxic for your skin, and what to replace them with.

Dairy is one food you should definitely cut out. Dr Lipman says ‘dairy is such a trigger for skin problems such as acne.’ You can replace dairy with cashew cheese and nutritional yeast because ‘these foods have no lactose but can be used in the same way as other cheeses.’

Next you should eliminate carbs which he says ‘processed carbohydrates are all foods that increase insulin.’ This includes white bread, sweetened cereals, pasta, baked goods, white rice, and sugar sweetened food and drink. Scientists have found that more insulin means more acne. Oils like canola, soybean and other vegetable are also proinflammatory. Instead eat seed cracker and almond flour crackers. He says ‘these crackers are full of good-for-you healthy fats and protein. They are also low in sugar and full of fiber to balance blood sugar and insulin levels.’


Dr Lipman says we should eliminate juice, because it has so much sugar They often lack natural fibers that are found in fruit. Dr Lipman has a mocha chocolate smoothie to drink instead of juice. It contains 1 scoop whey protein, ½ cup coconut milk, ½ water, 1 tsp instant coffee, ½ tsp cinnamon, ¼ avocado, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp chia seeds, and 6 to 8 ice cubes. This drink is high in healthy fats and protein.


He says to eliminate soda as ‘it is full of sugar and other artificial chemicals, all of which produce inflammation inside the body.’ Skins issues are evident of an imbalance of gut bacteria, and diet soda disrupts the healthy gut bacteria. Instead Dr. Lipman suggests Kombucha because it is fermented and contains probiotics. Dr. Lipman says to avoid canned soup that is full of sodium and BPA (bisphenol). Instead use bone broth which is soothing for the gut and healing for the lining.

Canned tuna is often farmed and lacking the nutrients found is fresh fish, and it is also high in mercury. Canned wild salmon is a better choice and has healthy fats like omega-3s which nourish the skin. Eliminating coffee is good for your skin as it is a diuretic which causes your body to lose water. Replace is with hot water and lemon which is hydrating, full of antioxidants and reduces the risk or inflammation.


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