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16 Foods You’re Most Likely Eating Wrong


Everyone loves food. With the different cuisines, there are countless delicious meals and snacks to enjoy. But there are easier ways to eat and prepare certain foods that you might not be aware of. These foods include:

  • Salads
  • Cupcakes

In this video by Facts Verse, it lists off all the foods that you are eating wrong, but really it just offers a different way to eat or make your meal.

These are really interesting ways to eat your food, and there are options for foods on the go since people have such busy lives. Check out the 16 foods you’re most likely eating wrong.

1. It can be difficult to bring salad to work, with the different containers and not having any dressing leak in your bag. But making a salad and putting it in a mason jar is the answer to this problem. You can even put the dressing at the bottom, the veggies in the middle and the lettuce will stay crisp on top. Then just shake it up and eat it.

1Facts Verse/ Youtube

2. This is another interesting food hack. Many people put shredded lettuce on their tacos, and then the filling spills out. If you put a piece of lettuce at the bottom, and your toppings inside it, and keep everything intact.

2Facts Verse/ Youtube

3. Cupcakes are delicious, and many people love the icing the most. But when you eat it, you end up eating all the icing off.  A better way to do this, is take off the top and make a cupcake sandwich with it so the icing is in the middle.

3Facts Verse/ Youtube

4. Hash browns are a breakfast favorite, but take time to make in the pan. Another great way to make them is to use a waffle iron and they will heat quickly and evenly.

4Facts Verse/ Youtube

5. If you love sweet breakfast foods, this is an amazing idea. Crumble up some cinnamon french toast cereal and mix it in with your egg batter to give your french toast an extra crunchy sweetness to it.

5Facts Verse/ Youtube

6. Iced coffee is great all year round, but too often does the ice melt and make your coffee watery. If you’re making it an home, fill ice cube trays with bits of oreo and cover with milk. When it melts in your coffee you will have milk and the bits of cookie for more flavor.

6Facts Verse/ Youtube

7. Serving ice cream with a spoon takes some muscle. A smart way to do this is to lay the container flat and slice off pieces of it instead. It takes less time and goes great with a piece of cake.

7Facts Verse/ Youtube

8. This is a good hack for making a more efficient sandwich. Instead of laying the pieces of meat on top and there not being any meat in the corners, put one piece sliced across the top, and once piece slices across the sides so that all corners have meat.

8Facts Verse/ Youtube

9. Store bought pastry dough is a great food to make different kinds of snacks on the go. Add nutella and marshmallows for something sweet, or melt some cheese and walnuts for a more savory  snack.

9Facts Verse/ Youtube

10. Cheesy bread is a great snack or appetizer. An easy way to make it is buy a loaf of bread and cut it both ways on the top. Then fill in the cracks with cheese and herbs. Bake it in the oven for a real crowd pleasing snack.

10Facts Verse/ Youtube

11. This is an amazingly simple way to peel a mango. All you do is cut the mango in half, and then slide it down a glass. The peel will slide right off and the mango will fall into the glass.

11Facts Verse/ Youtube

12. You might not know but the container from a takeout carton can be turned into a plate. If you open the folds, it serves as a plate.

12Facts Verse/ Youtube

13. Toblerone is a unique looking chocolate that sometimes people can’t break off individual pieces. The real way to do it is snap off a piece from the bottom, and you will get just the one triangle piece you wanted.

13Facts Verse/ Youtube

14. This tip is great for people that like to eat fast food on the go. It can be hard to eat fries and dip them when you’re going somewhere or driving. But if you open the ketchup container and put it in the drink container, it will be much simpler to eat fries with ketchup on the go.

14Facts Verse/ Youtube

15. If cinnamon buns aren’t decadent enough for you, why not add a slice of bacon! Unroll the pre made roll, add bacon, and bake it for an amazing twist on an old favorite.

15Facts Verse/ Youtube

16. Baked potatoes are a real crowd pleaser, and you are definitely eating them wrong. If you like your baked potato loaded with toppings, just cut slices in the raw potato and fill in with sour cream, cheese, and anything else. Then bake it, and the all the yummy toppings will be inside it.

16Facts Verse/ Youtube


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