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Former Bodybuilder Gains 25 Pounds And Posts Transformation Photos

Jolene Jones is a former body builder from Kalispell, Montana and she has an important message. For a while, her life was taken over by body building; she used to meticulously count carbs, grams of protein, and fat. The 26-year-old told Us Weekly, “To get competition ready I was really limited.”

This means that her diet could not include alcohol, beef, wheat, sugar, or dairy. She states, “I would have chicken with broccoli for lunch every day and it got to the point where I would gag and have to chug water to get it down.” You can imagine how hard it would be to eat the same meal every day.

But her diet wasn’t the only thing that body building was controlling, it was also her gym routine. Jones put herself through grueling, two-hour daily workouts that left her exhausted and feeling empty. She has also detailed her weight loss and weight gain journey and how the experience impacted her life.

According to Jones, she went into her first show in 2015 after shedding 21 pounds off of her 5 foot 8 inches frame. To make matters worse, her coach told her that he wanted her to drop an additional 30 pounds. It came to the point that Jones decided that she could no longer do this to herself and that she had had enough.

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