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Former Olympian Gets Proposal In Venice, The Pics Are Really Romantic

This July, a German bodybuilder gave his former-Olympian boyfriend a world-class proposal. Patrick Huber had been dating Jimmy Sjödin for a year and a half when he organized a surprise trip for his boyfriend in July.

Sjödin, a former diver who competed for Sweden in the 1996 summer games, didn’t even know where they were going. All that Huber said is that he should “pack a bag,” and that they were visiting a destination that Sjödin really wanted to see.

After a long drive through the Alps from Munich, the couple arrived in Venice. Sjödin was thrilled to be there, but the surprise wasn’t over yet. Huber had hired a photographer to secretly take pictures of the couple. And, on a romantic gondola ride on the Venetian Lagoon, Huber proposed.

As Sjödin told the Huffington Post, “I was just so shocked. I don’t even remember what he said!”

He continued, “All I can recall was something about wanting to always be there for me, to protect me and be my family and wanting to be my ‘forever boyfriend.’”

Luckily, the couple’s sneaky photographer was in the gondola with them and was able to capture the moment of the proposal.

Image 5Serena Genovese

And this proposal is just the cherry on top of an already-sweet relationship.

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