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Mary Kay Letourneau’s Former Student Files For Separation 21 Years After They Made Headlines


Sometimes in life, people make decisions that most of the world doesn’t exactly understand.  Take former school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau who made headlines in 1996 when she began a romantic relationship with one of her sixth-grade students.

The student, named Vili Fualaau, was 12-years-old at the time. Although he was pursuing a crush when he was younger, he no longer supports large age gaps in marriages.

Over ten years after their illegal get-together, the couple is now filing for separation. They had been having issues for a little while. They were still, however, intent on being dedicated parents to the children they share.

Here is the complicated story of what happened in that taboo romance.

The initial affair started when Mary was a 34-year-old schoolteacher. They sparked controversy when they made headlines and the cover of a 1997 People magazine.

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The couple had one child together and Mary was pregnant with another child. After breaking an order to stay away from each other and admitting to their relationship, Mary was sentenced to 7 ½ years in prison.

When she was released in 2005, Mary and Vili–who was too young to have his name revealed at the time they first got together–were married. They share two children together.

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A close friend of Mary’s told People that if she wasn’t carrying life inside of her during some of her time in prison, she would have cracked. Although some people probably think that she already has.


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