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This 2-Year-Old Foster Child Uttered 2 Words That Broke Her Foster Mom’s Heart


Making the decision to become a foster parent can be both rewarding and trying at times. When you’re welcoming foster children into your home, it’s usually because the children have gone through some difficult times.

This can make it challenging to form a comfortable relationship, especially when the children have been to multiple foster homes while waiting for their parents to be able to take them home or to be adopted.

One woman submitted a story to Love What Matters about the two heartbreaking words her new 2-year-old foster child uttered that broke her heart.

When a child that young is in the foster care system, they are in their developing stages and sometimes the things they learn might be a bit different than other children their age. Keep reading to find out what the little girl said that almost had this foster mother in tears.

Jamie submitted the story to the Facebook page Love What Matters on February 11 and it’s been shared over 1k times and has 20k reactions.

She explained that the little girl walked into her home smiling and with confidence and appeared to know what she was doing.

At just two years old, she had already spent 5 months of her short life in foster care. She’s been to four different foster homes in that time.

‘Hi, sweetie, My name is Jamie,’ she said to the young girl after getting down on her knees. ‘I’m so glad you’ve come to stay with us, Do you want to go meet the kids?’

Jamie explained that the other foster children are like the welcoming committee as well as the tour guides for new children in the house.

It always makes her very proud when the children follow suit and help to make newcomers feel welcome. Saying things like ‘You’re here! Want to see your bed? I love you!’ go a long way at making a child feel at home.

‘Nothing makes me prouder of my bios than watching them do this,’ she wrote. ‘Nothing makes my fosters feel more like ‘mine’ than watching them follow suit.’

After the little girl wandered around with the children for about ten minutes, the young girl ran back into the room and said two words that caused Jamie to think.

Even though the little girl had just met the Jamie ten minutes ago, when she came back into the room she said ‘Look, mommy!’

It was then that Jamie realized that the little girl thought that the word ‘mommy’ meant the female adult of the house. After being in so many different foster homes, she began to think of the word in a different way.

Jamie realized that the little girl simply thought that ‘mommy’ meant the person who refills your juice or gets something that you can’t reach.

This would mean that the young girl would have had five ‘mommies’ in five months. In that time it seems she didn’t really get the chance to learn what the word ‘mommy’ really means.

This two-year-old girl does have a biological mommy. She is currently working very hard to get her back and now she has a foster mommy willing to step up if she can’t.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.11.33 PM wholeparent

With this, Jamie has hopes that this little girl still has time to learn what the true meaning of mommy is.

Jamie wrote that ‘Mommy means falling asleep on shoulders, kissing skinned knees, and teaching ABC’s.’ She also wrote that it meant security, commitment, and life-long love.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.14.48 PMonebighappyhome

There is definitely still time for this young girl to learn that mommy isn’t just the name of a female who helps you, and she will, in fact, have a mommy one day soon.


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