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Top 4 Bar Trick Bets You Will Always Win

After a long day at work there are few things that are comparable to a cool, refreshing beer. But whether it’s a bar or a club, those drinks tend to get a bit pricey. And if, like me, you frequent bars and would like someone to get YOU a couple of drinks for a change, there’s a solution. Here are a couple of bets that you are guaranteed to win.

Whether it’s the old coin trick or a race to finish a beer, there are few bets that can guarantee you a victory.

Read on to find out 4 distinct and interesting ways to win money or a drink.

1. The bottle and coin trick: all you need for this simple trick is a bottle, a bill and some coins, preferably a quarter or a dime.

Next, place the bill over the opening of the bottle and place the coins above the opening. Now find a friend or an unlikely victim and ask them to remove the bill without spilling any of the coins. Set the bet to whatever you’d like, but nothing too crazy or you’ll scare them away!

After they have failed repeatedly and you’ve picked up the scattered coins on multiple occasions, show them how the trick is done. All you have to do is lick your finger. The moisture on your finger will help the bill stick to it. After you’ve gotten your saliva on your finger, quickly flick it along the floppy, dangling side of the bill (away from the coins) and the bill should stick to your finger while the coins hang precariously over the opening.

Now all you have to do is collect on your earnings or sip on that free beer that you’ve earned.

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