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4-Year-Old Girl And 30-Year-Old Man Get Married And The Reason Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

abbymain Natalie Bogdanski |

When 30-year-old nurse Matt Hickling met 4-year-old leukemia patient Abby, he was immediately drawn to her. The two became very close and eventually developed an extremely strong connection.

Abby was so smitten with Matt that one day she told her mother that she wanted to marry the 30-year-old nurse. At first, Abby’s mother laughed it off, but when her daughter continued to insist that she wanted to marry Matt, her mother decided to text him and tell him. Matt was surprised but honored to hear the news.

Less than a day later, Matt came up with a plan with fellow hospital staff to give Abby exactly what she wanted: the wedding of her dreams.

When Matt found out that Abby had told her mother she wanted to marry him, he asked for her permission to write about it on Facebook.

Abby’s mother granted him permission to talk about it on Facebook, and Matt wrote a touching update.

“My patient’s mother reached out to me saying they were looking forward to coming to [the] clinic. Mainly because her daughter, one of the patients I’ve had the honor of taking care of in clinic, was looking forward to marrying me,” the Facebook post read.

“This took me by surprise AND also caused me to run to the office of Courtney Hill and Angie Eckles Silipigno! These two IMMEDIATELY went into planning mode to make things happen,” Matt continued.

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