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Fox News Poll About Trump Has Some Surprising Results—Especially For Fox News

Anyone who watches Fox News knows that they have a pretty good relationship with President Trump. I mean it’s no secret that the Network has the reputation for promoting right-wing issues and politicians. Naturally, some are for it, while others are not.

Because of this reputation, people were a bit surprised to see Fox News release results of a recent poll of their own viewers. Actually, the results left a lot of us confused about the entire thing and questions arose in people’s minds.

Naturally, Fox promotes what a fantastic job Trump has been doing and how impressed everyone, especially their viewers, are with him and his party. However, after this poll, not anymore. The Network has asked registered voters how likely they were to use certain words to describe the President.

The poll read, “Describes Donald Trump % “Extremely” or “Very” well”, with choices like “says what he thinks”, “bully”, “unstable”…etc.

According to Distractify, four out of five people agree that Trump “Says what he thinks,” while the second highest result was “bully”.

That means that over half the respondents have agreed that they see Trump as being a bully. So what got the least percentage?

Distractify notes that just one in four respondents thought that Trump was a “moral leader” or “presidential”.

Just when you think it couldn’t get more confusing…there’s more. Over half of polled voters said that the terms “presidential” (56%), “moral leader” (55%)…do not apply to the President.

As well as terms like “compassionate” (53%), and “steady leader” (53%). According to Distractify, this is unexpected because only 1 in 8 Trump voters said they would have changed their votes six months prior to him becoming President.

The final thing that came a little bit surprising for people was that over half of the voters positively affirmed that the President is “tearing the country apart”

Regardless if you’re a Fox News fan, these polls really do contradict what a lot of people believed in regards to Fox News viewers’ attitude with President Trump.


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