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Frankie Muniz Is All Grown Up, His Story And Photos

If you grew up in the 90s or 00s, chances are that you are familiar with a little show called, ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ The sitcom started Frankie Muniz playing a gifted child who tries to deal with his crazy dysfunctional fmaily.

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The first episode aired on January 9th, 2000 and viewers got to watch Malcolm and his brothers, Francis, Reese, Dewey, and Jamie, grow up on screen for seven whole seasons. Muniz was only 14 years old when he started the sitcom!

During Muniz’s career in the 2000s we also saw him in films like ‘Agent Cody Banks,’ ‘My Dog Skip,’ and ‘Big Fat Liar.’ The hilarious show aired its final episode May 14th, 2006, where we saw Malcolm graduate from high school and head off to college.

Although that was the last of Malcolm, Muniz continued his acting career and even pursued other things like music and race car driving. But it’s been over a decade since the show’s finale, don’t you wonder what the guy looks like now?


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