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Freckles Are Stunning And These 16 Photos Prove It


When they’re young, children with freckles are often bullied because of them. Like anything else, kids will latch onto a difference in appearance and ridicule each other. It’s only once they grow up that those freckle-faced kids get the last laugh, as many of them become strikingly beautiful. There are even products now sold to fake the look of freckles, though there is nothing quite like the real thing.  They’ve been described as many things, but here are some of the best sayings about them:

  • They’re just tiny umbrellas from the sun
  • A face without freckles is like the sky without stars
  • A teaspoon of brown sugar, dropped upon their nose

Though they’re actually just a cluster of melaninized cells, they have been both revered and detested in different parts of the world. Though found among all races and skin types, they’re most commonly noticed among pale-skinned people.

The unique look they can give someone is absolutely beautiful, and these photos prove it. 

Though they often form just on the bridge of the nose and cheeks, they can be just as beautiful all over the body.

Freckled face

Freckles accompany red hair frequently, making a striking pair that is perfect for the camera.

Freckled beauty

In black and white, they are a stunning facial feature. By playing with the contrast of an image, photographers can pull even more out that aren’t normally noticed.

While seen less among male models, freckles can still be a separator for certain men.

Giving an obvious youthful appearance, people have started using freckle pens to mimic the look. They’re not quite as good as the real thing.

While babies are very rarely born with many freckles, they often appear in prepubescent kids.

Photo realistic drawing

 While different from moles and lentigines, freckles are still usually an indication of UV sensitivity. Those who freckle easily should regularly use sunscreen and avoid long sun exposure.  

The disposition to freckling is a genetic one that usually has to do with the MC1R gene. This is the same one that causes red hair, even though they do not always present together.

People have been using creams to try and remove them for years, though in most cases the freckles have returned after even minimal sun exposure.

Not exclusive to Caucasians with pale skin, freckles are found among every ethnicity of the world. They’re just as stunning on each and every one.

 To prevent them, liberal use of sunscreen at a young age is recommended, although it’s not 100% effective. Some people are just born to have them. They are the lucky ones.

Those who have freckles often have a tough time tanning. The pale skin is so the body can still absorb enough vitamin D, even in colder or more remote climates.

Dark eyeshadow and freckles

Sometimes they are hardly noticed until someone points them out, but can add to the overall beauty of a subject.


While children should obviously have skin protection while growing up, freckles are not to be thought of as a disease or defect. In fact, they should be celebrated at a young age, not ridiculed.

Some people are even starting laser treatments to rid themselves of their freckles, but again they are very ineffective long-term. They usually return quickly after treatment.

Green eyes and freckles

Film and television have long been filled with freckled faces, acting as a trademark of sorts for some celebrities like Emma Stone.


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